TWoo Returns to TWoosday



  1. clairesmum says:

    ok Twoo, I will follow your example and move gleefully into my day!

  2. Pretty boy!

  3. Oooooh, a few hours pass between views of Wootube and everything looks different!! Nice new look! Although the Wootie eyes staring at me at the top of the screen were a bit disconcerting at first… :)
    Mostly because I only saw the blue one at first so thought it was just one eye staring at me!

  4. Oh, and now that I also peeked at Facebook — Thank you WebJoe!

  5. Looks great!

  6. Carol H. says:

    Thanks WebJoe for fixing the problems and the new layout! I’m loving it!!!

  7. I want to be reincarnated as this dog :-) He is absolutely devil may care…

  8. very nice!

  9. Thank you WebJoe! Do you get paid in chickens?

    It’s a very pretty look, although I find this font a little harder to read.

  10. That banner could serve as a good promo for Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. Awesome book if you haven’t checked it out, and being made into a movie as we speak (or type)

  11. Phooey, I don’t have a Facebook account, but Three Woofs and a Woo on facebook used to let me at least read the posts without logging in (which I liked to do since sometimes there is extra stuff on there!), but today it won’t let me do that. Bummer.

  12. Ooops, just re-read and hope my earlier post didn’t sound snarky. I didn’t mean it too, I just hate to miss any 3WAAW!

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