Do You Recognize This Dog?

Oh hai.  You may call me “Picturesque.”

Well, you can call him “Picturesque” if you want to.  I prefer to refer to him as:


That’s CHAMPION, as in, FIRST EFFIN’ PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 clean runs!!!

5 out of 6 top 6 placements!!

649 total points!!

Wearing his listening ears and putting them to good use!!

Running like a hot god damn!

I am so so SO proud of my 12 year old dog!!  After Day 1 we were sitting in a nail biting 2nd place in our division, 2 bowel movement inducing points behind the 1st place competitor, 1 glaring point ahead of the third.  I said “Tweed, we gotta put our games faces on tomorrow and bust it out.”  He said “WOOF WOOF WOOF” and went and rolled in some goose poop.

I traditionally crumble under pressure.  Have an expectation of me and I will chew it into itty bitty little pieces and give it back to you in soggy pieces.  But this weekend I was blissfully stress-free.  The sun was shining (yes, I acquired my annual Regionals sunburn – my lips are so swollen I look like I took the weekend off to get collagen injections), my senior dog was pain-free and rarin’ to go, we were staying at a hotel on a lake where the dogs were welcome to swim themselves silly and I was surrounded by good friends and people and dogs that I love.  And beer!

At the risk of sounding airy-fairy, the universe told me that I could not control the outcome, all I could do was orchestrate my own joy.

This did not stop me from laying awake all Saturday night staring at the ceiling mind you, but on Sunday we walked out onto the sports field at Beban Park, I set my dog on the line, we smiled at each other and went hell bent for leather and we WON.

How awesome is that?

And we could not have done it without you, friends!  We could feel the love, all the way in Nanaimo.  You love Tweed, and TWEED LOVES YOU!!!

What a god damn good dog I share my life with!  Blessed.  I am BLESSED.

As for Dexter, AKA Captain D-MO (from this day forth to be known as DEMO, as in “demolition”) I decided in the end to let his entry ride.  The money was spent, he was already there, and what the hell … I’d let it go.  He is who he is, and what he is is frickin’ enthusiasm to the nth degree.  We went out there and took down whole courses, with my horse-sized dog orbiting the sun and moon and stars, checking in to do 3 or 4 on-course obstacles, and heading off again on his own NASCAR adventure in the ring.  His worst run was a Jumpers course where he got a grand total of 5 – count ’em, FIVE – points.  His best was the second day Gamblers where he racked up 40 something points in the opening and came |thisclose| to getting the gamble.

And the crowed LOVED him.  They ran to his ring to see his runs and cheered and laughed and groaned in unison and we both loved every minute of it.  He ended his weekend with some ridiculous score like 120 points.  But I don’t care – it took his little big brother 12 years to become a champion – Dex and I have loads of time to make him one too.

There will be lots of video coming – I think we got most of his runs on iPad video so we’ll load ’em to share soon.

What a fabulous weekend.  Huge props to the organizing committee for putting on a fast, smooth weekend in beautiful Beban Park (though Dexter requests that there be some shrubbery next time, as he has this quirk where he can’t poop on manicured sports fields.  He spent half the weekend with his nose squeezed through the chain link staring longingly at the forest across the road and his butt cheeks clenched).  A shout out to the marvelous Inn On Long Lake, a super dog-friendly hotel with a beach out back for the pooches and dog biscuits on the dresser.  Big hugs to my friends for their support and lots of laughter, especially my bestie Fiona.  Thumbs up to my long suffering (and Sadistic) instructor Gerhard who has to put up with me every week because I give him money.  Congrats to all the other competitors and their accomplishments and wins!

And massive love to my dog, the best agility partner a sun burned girl could ever hope for and the 10″ DD Veteran Champion of the 2012 BC-Yukon Regionals.  Did I mention that already? ;-)

See you at Nationals, friends!!



  1. Hooray!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Yay, Tweed and FL! And Congrats to Dexter for bringing the halftime show!

  3. Congratulations to both you & Tweed! You made my morning with this! Tweed is a most special dog, indeed!

  4. Yahoo! Can’t wait to see the videos! I laughed out loud at Dexter “coming back to do 3 or 4 on-course obstacles”. As you said, you have lots of time to work with him – and you may need it. But it was Tweed’s weekend to shine and yours to revel in his glory. So happy for you and huge congratulations to you and Tweed.

  5. Janice in GA says:

    As a major Southern U.S. member of the Tweed Fan Club, I threw up my hands and shouted “Woohoo!!!” when I saw your news!

    Well done, good dog (and handler). Well done. :)


  7. Wooohooo! Great job Tweed! Way to go Food Lady! Yaaayyyy!

  8. Congratulations!!!!!

  9. clairesmum says:

    way to go, Tweed!! and FL!!!!
    don’t worry, Dexter, you’ll figure it out eventually – right now you are just so busy exploring the world that there isn’t any point to following ALL the rules, is there?

    that’s fantastic, it really is, I am so glad for you, Food Lady! you’ve worked really hard for this, and had bad luck get in the way too often. enjoy the triumph.

  10. congratulations!!! i’m glad you got to enjoy running both dogs, that’s fantastic

  11. Oslosmum says:

    hazaaa! congratulations! it looks like you and tweed came in first with kim collins second, wowee!

    great job the both of you, a fine team, like an aged wine.


  12. WHOOHOO Tweed! Way to go! Yup, there’s something to be said for just letting it go and not trying to control the outcome….And look what you got! Yay for both of you – no telling what Dexter’s next chapter will be like either – enjoy the ride!

  13. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Look at you with the great big smile and the awesome dog! :D

  14. all boxers... for now. says:

    WOOT!! huge congrats Tweed & Food Lady!

    so glad to hear you had such a great time & of course thrilled to hear about your Champion! good boy, Tweed!

    wish i could’ve been there to see Captain Destructo in all his glory, sounds like that was hilarious!

    you were definitely due for some fun & relaxation. :)

  15. I love how Tweed is lying on the podium like, First Place? Ain’t no thang, baby.

  16. cinnamondog says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha — “wearing his listening ears” — I love it! And OF COURSE, I love Tweed. <3 a bunch!

    I laughed so hard at your account of Dexter's performances that Rowley thought I was bark-screaming and chimed in to show me how it's done.

    Nicely done, Sheena! And Tweed, on behalf of senior dogs everywhere, thank you, my man!

  17. Dede in PA says:

    Wow, way to go Tweed!! Congratulations to both of you! And so glad you enjoyed running Dexter anyway. :-)

  18. 12 year old Amelia sends regards and congratulations to Mr. Tweed!

    And 2 year old Professor says, hey Dexter, I can bury a course too!

  19. Does this mean that rolling in goose poop is now your good luck sign :)? Congrats to you and Tweed….uh, and Dexter, too!

  20. That’s wonderful! I’m glad you had a great weekend with both your dogs, and congratulations on Tweed being stellar and Tweed-like. He looks like one happy guy. Mind you, so does Dexter! They have a pretty awesome life, those dogs. :)

  21. Yay!! Awesome. :) Congrats to you and Tweed.

  22. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    I love how all the other dogs are sitting up on their podiums, but Tweed is all lying down, loungin’, as if to say, “That’s right, I’m all that and a bag of biscuits….”

    Congratulations Tweed and FL, and congrats FL for letting Dexter shine in all his crazy, enthusiasms. I bet with his NASCAR speed, he is still scaring the goose poop out of all his future competitors, who, no doubt, are all thinking: “Holy crap, when that pup settles down he’s gonna kick all our asses into the next century.”

    What a glorious time for you and Tweed! I am s thrilled for him and you.


  23. Way to go Tweed you handsome boy!

    That is a SERIOUSLY beautiful picture of DEXMO!

    PS – I hope TWooie hasn’t eaten your parents…

    : )

  24. Stephanie says:

    It brought a tear to my eye to see the ‘old man’ with his ribbons! Yay Tweed!

    Then it made me LOL to read your descriptions of the Dexter insanity in the ring. I can’t wait for video!


  25. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    Well, it took me two hours of searching, but I finally found, “Ode to An Aging Dog,” your beautiful tribute to Tweed as he approached age 10.

    It is the perfect companion piece to today’s victory celebration, as it really underscores the magnificence of yours and Tweed’s Championship at Regionals and how wonderful it was that you two were able to have this time together at all.

    This was one of my most favorite posts by you ever, and it makes today’s post that much sweeter. Congrats!

    “Ode to an Aging Dog”

  26. Catherine says:

    Congrats! Both to you and Tweed for your success, and to you and Dex for coming out with a great sense of humor about the fun you had.

    One of your fans, currently crossing the Pacific on a sailboat writes in response to your news “Well hurray for old man Tweed!” She’s looking forward to the videos upon her return to dry land.

    The fur and feathers and humans here applaud!

  27. Way to go, Tweed! Great job, Food Lady! Can’t wait for the videos…

  28. Well. I am just so proud and happy

  29. Yahoo! We are so coming to Nanaimo in August to see the Tweed Dog show ’em how it’s done.

    What a great attitude you have. I have been wearing out the refresh button on the keyboard today, checking and checking, waiting for the news…although now, as pointed out above, we will all want to hear how the grandparents survived THEIR weekend. And NASCAR videos. Must see NASCAR videos.

  30. Woohoo!! Awesome weekend!

    Apollo has to have bushes too, gotta have his privacy….

  31. Yay! Congrats to Tweed and to you! How awesome to see all your hard work together paying off in grand style!

  32. Susan Bassett says:

    So freakin’ Awesome!
    Great Big Congratulations to you, Dex, and the Tweedster!
    Did you get the funny looking green tuggie stick?

  33. Laura in California says:

    What wonderful news, congratulations! Tweed looks he knew how this would go all along :-)

  34. Congrats Tweedles and FL! Knew you had it in you. What a way to go out! Oh and I loved the t-shirt.

  35. How did I miss this? HOW??

    I cannot imagine a better outcome for that weekend. Including the comic relief of Mr. D-Mo.

    Congrats to you and to Tweed. Some teams are always [this close] but never do get that Chamionship. What a way to wrap his Regionals!

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