Tweed 1st place and a Q

in Steeplechase at PAC.  Even with the lost seconds for the flubbed tunnel and running what felt pretty slow to me!

His Standard run was not so awesome, mostly because I didn’t walk it (I arrived late) and we winged it, and because Tweed’s first run of the day often blows  goats – he popped his weaves, he blew his dog walk contact and he ran around the chute like 3 times before he finally went in!  And I screwed up his Jumpers with the stupidest rookie move I have made in a long time.  It was so rookie I laughed and laughed.  Otherwise, he was running great!

Dexter ran an FEO Standard – not clean, but with some high points and I was feeling pretty pleased with him.  Then he turned into a tornado in Steeplechase, and demolished it.  I was feeling a lot less pleased with him.  Some days I think I will never be able to run this dog.

Springaling ran an FEO Masters Jumpers course and except for missing the second jump in – she was looking around her in all directions as she ran, because she’s never been in a trial before and wasn’t crazy about other people moving around the ring, but then she remembered what she was supposed to be doing and she ran the rest of it super nicely!  She’s such a fun little dog :)  She’s a lot more fun than some dogs I could name!

Got an early start on my Annual Regionals Sunburn.  And now I have done all I can do to prepare for Regionals, so now it’s time to sit back, wait and take what comes!


  1. Evie Douglas says:

    Go Tweedy Go!!!

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