Spring For President!

Spring For President!

Do you have eyeballs that need washing?  Popcorn that needs eating?  Rabbits that requires chasing?  Is there a spot on your bed that needs to be warmed up in 20lb-terrier-ball increments?  Are there tug toys in your home that are going unshaken?  Geese on your lawn that _nobody_ is warning you about at top volume?

If so, your country needs Spring For President!

Would you vote for her?

I would!

He probably would too.  With every passing day, TWooie grows more enamored with the wee beastie from the land of non-stop-relentless-never-ending-wrestle-games.  He has actually started soliciting attention from her by play bowing and doing his oh-so-weird lunging at her hindleg and grabbing it.  What I find most interesting about this latter move is how much bite inhibition TWooie has, because he never hurts anyone when he does it.  I’ve watched him stand there with Wootie’s whole hock in his jaws and Wootie doesn’t even really notice.  This could be why he prefers to play with Spring over Woo these days – she at least accepts his challenge rather than ignore him.

ZOMG!  TWooie’s discovered girls!

I also find it interesting that he won’t play with her in front of the video camera I keep bringing home from work for the express purpose of capturing it.  I don’t understand how he knows what the camera is – it’s like the size of a playing card, and I have tried all sorts of sneaky ways to film unobtrusively, but he’s not having any of it.

I see what you’re doing there.

I *always* see what you’re doing there because I *never* take my eyes off you!

I should have removed Wootie from the photo, but I found him too amusing loitering in the background.

I know I said I probably wouldn’t be able to post this week, but today was a good photo day and I also decided to teach myself how to clone things out of photos using Lightroom, which is the program I do about 90% of my editing with.

Are you going to clone me out?

Ummm .. Wootie, I think you have already been successfully cloned.

I have no idea what she’s talking about?

For all of you wanna-be photographers out there, successful cloning will be your friend.  Because no matter how talented you are behind the camera, and no matter how pliable your canine subject is in front of it, inevitably you will come across a situation where you get this really awesome, amazing shot … and there’s a pile of dog shit in the foreground or some other thing that just wants to ruin your photo.

I generally don’t bother doing this with my own photos / blog post photos because I want to put more effort into entertaining you than I do in getting perfect photographs, and there are also only so many hours in a day 9that’s why you get to see all the crap my lazy self leaves laying around the acreage all the time!).  But even though I have just one day off this week (I’ve covering for a co-worker’s vacation, so I had to switch my shifts around a little) I was surprisingly productive this morning and when the afternoon rolled around, I had a little “me time” penciled in.  And there’s not much I enjoy more than futzing around with photo editing!

So I tried my hand at cloning in Lightroom, and removed an entire Piper from this shot:

You did WHAT?

Can you see where she used to be in that photo with Dexter?  I thought it turned out pretty darn well!

I was going to save the *shocked* photo of Piper to reveal my latest surprise, but it fit in so well there that … well, I didn’t.  Anyway, now I am without a *shocked* photo to segue into my news item, so I’ll just tell you without a photo intro.

I got another dog!


HAHAHAHAHA!  Oh you should see your faces.  I didn’t get another dog!  I’m *crazy* but I’m not *insane*. hahahaha.  I kill me.

Actually, what I was going to announce was that I decided to take a second dog to Regionals with me.

Oh hai!

No Spring, not you.  IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!!

Oh … hai?

And by “I decided to enter Dexter in Regionals” what I mean, of course, is that The Sadist scared me into entering him.  The conversation went something like this:

SADIST: (in terrifying Austrian accent)“You are entering Dexter in Regionals or I am doing this for you.” (grows to 9 feet tall, breathes fire out of his nose, swings rabid ferrets menacingly in my direction)

ME: (sobbing in a fetal ball in the dirt) “Yes sir.  Ok sir.  Please don’t hit me again sir!”

It’s going to be a f*cking gong show, of course.  Whenever I think about it, I break out into a cold sweat and pretty much all I see in my head is this:

But The Sadist had some good points, namely A) Dex is going to be there anyway, may as well do something with him and B) It’s a good opportunity to run him in a very tense atmosphere under pressure and it’s not a chance I have on a regular basis.

I’ve got no expectations of him, of course – at this point, we can barely get through a class exercise without it all going up in the firey flames of Dexter’s brain exploding and smoke coming out of his ears (and he’s got big ears!).  But it might be a nice opportunity to have something to take my mind of the bigger expectations everyone has for Tweed.  So if you are planning to come to Regionals to watch, just look for the ring with the flames and the firetrucks racing toward it, and you’ll find me and Dexter doing something that loosely approximates agility.

Excuse me, but I DO plan to be there.

Spring is definitely coming along for the weekend.  I need something small to hold onto and squeeze away my stress between runs.  I may need a new terrier by the end of the weekend though.

Piper is going to go spend the weekend with my boss.  But I have to find somewhere for the WooTWoo to hang out while I’m away.  Somewhere securely fenced.  And without rabbits.  Any takers?

Why is it so quiet in here all of a sudden?

Think of the HAVOC I could wreak on some unsuspecting dog sitter!

Or maybe someone wants to come spend the weekend at Food Lady Farm and pretend to be me for 4 days?  I, of course, would expect lots of photos and some entertaining commentary too.

WTF?  Where did everybody go???


  1. Whew I’m at Regionals so I’m off the hook… LOL Good Luck

  2. I would love to come watch you all at the regionals, you said on the Island, which is where I live. where abouts are they being held?

  3. The “oh-so-weird lunging at her hindleg and grabbing it” behavior is the Aussie boy’s way of courting his beloved, and/or controlling a recalcitrant sheep. Fridley does this all the time with his beloved Bella, when they are romping indoors or out. The bite inhibition is really amazing, especially when they are lunging this way and that, at rapid speed. No one ever gets hurt. Yay for Twoo!

  4. Aw, Piper looks so sad there. That is a really good point about learning how to use Clone in photo-editing software and I think that will be my project for this morning.

  5. 5 dog nights...and days! says:

    Ship the WooTwoo down here to Missouri! They would fit right in with my pack, and we gots lots of wabbits!

  6. Ok, I’ve studied that photo and I cannot see where Piper was removed from it. Good job FL! Congrats on going to Regionals. I bet Dex does a good job =)

  7. I’m too far away. Waaaaagh!

  8. If I had to guess I would say Piper had been just about under Dexter’s forepaws, but pretty small? There’s a spot about the size of Dexter’s head where the grass looks a little different to me, but I’d hate to bet money on it.

    I wonder if the video camera makes some sort of noise that you can’t hear, but TWooie can.

  9. Wish I was closer – I would baby sit the Twooies and Gracie would keep them in line. But if I were closer I would probably want to go watch you and the boys at the Regionals. You do know we will expect videos of all your runs with Tweed and Dexter AND pictures of you and Tweed on the podium! Great photos today and fun commentary.

  10. Tia: Beban Park, Nanaimo. June 8-10. bcyukonregionals.com

  11. I live down in Arizona, so I don’t think I can make it in time to watch the pack. DARN. But good luck at regionals and good luck with the tweedsters footie.

  12. just mail the WooTwoo to Texas. I can’t promise I’ll mail them back. I love badboy tris….

  13. clairesmum says:

    way too far away to come and try to keep the Twooie from devolving into chaos. Twoo, you sure picked the right place, your life is getting better and better – now you are even sweet on a girly dog – not something anyone would have predicted when you first arrived at Casa de Food Lady!

  14. Elisha McCallum says:

    As a terrier fan, I would be pleased to run presidential hopeful Spring’s campaign. Please call my people to arrange a time to set our world domination strategy.

  15. He has actually started soliciting attention from her by play bowing and doing his oh-so-weird lunging at her hindleg and grabbing it. What I find most interesting about this latter move is how much bite inhibition TWooie has, because he never hurts anyone when he does it. I’ve watched him stand there with Wootie’s whole hock in his jaws and Wootie doesn’t even really notice.

    This is what my aussie, (one of three) Bella does to ber son Max. I am always waiting for something to happen, she actually forgets and bites, or twists and breaks! but it is always the same grabbin back and sometimes front.
    The fun of multiple dogs~!

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