Shhh … we’re hunting wabbits on a TWoosday


  1. Love how Spring casts her lot with the bad boys. Terriers!

  2. Be vewwy vewwy quiet! :)

  3. clairesmum says:

    a “tweesome” perhaps? too cute for words! not so good for the bunnies, but good for helping FL’s garden to grow when the warm weather comes.
    hope Tweed is feeling better, and Piper is not finding new ways to injure herself, and that Dexter is not eating you out of house and home.

  4. One despises bunnies. :-)
    My state’s Dept of Natural Resources recently declared war on hogs and coyotes. They’re encouraging people to kill the beasts by any means short of poison. Now, feral hogs I agree – they root up the ditches round the fields and flood crops and cause all kinds of mischief (like scaring the bejesus out of one’s horse) – but coyotes?
    Coyotes don’t eat my garden – but they sure take care of those (like the bun buns referenced above) that do!

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