Come and Knock On Our Door …

We’ve been waiting for you!

Where the kisses are hers

and hers

and his

Three kittens for you!!

Doo, doo, doo-doo, doo!

(how fun is my job??)


  1. If I lived MUCH closer (I live in Texas), I’d be coming to get that little Jack Tripper boy kitty! He’s adorable!

  2. Oh my dog. I want one. I’m allergic to cats. But they’re beautiful. I have a dog who is afraid of the neighborhood cats. WANT FLUFFY ORANGE AND GREY KITTY.

    Good thing I live all the way in NY…..

  3. Floofy kitties!

  4. Pretty!

  5. Want. But cannot have. :(

  6. Ha, the Janet kitten looks like she is striking an Angelina Jolie pose! She is quite cute (well, they all are adorable)!

  7. I love your photos of shelter animals. They all look adorable and always make me wish I could take one of them home. Since I live in Indiana, I check out the local shelter and rescues.

  8. um, mystery woman. says:

    Their cuteness literally crashed my computer! Awesome photos of those sweetballs of fluffy magic ;) Great Theme Name choice!

  9. Actually your job rather sickens me (PURE ENVY) as I for one would LOVE to get paid for dealing with critters on a regular basis :)

  10. This post is the best and funniest thing ever. Cute and funny is my favorite combo.

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