A Terrible TWoosday for Tweed’s Tortured Toes

Today Tweed visits Dr. Bowra for another round of prolotherapy and the beginning of three weeks of jail for him :(

You’ll wish him the very best won’t you?

Won’t you?

Pretty please?

At least it’s not his birthday gift this time around.

Birthday?  Will there be cake?  THERE’D BETTER BE CAKE.

We’re hoping the next three weeks go by real fast, and he’ll be back to his old self, doing his best Dexter impression.

Oh look at me!  I have tall ears and a big tongue!  Who am I?

Maybe you have some ideas of some clicker games we can play where he doesn’t have to stand up, and is confined to his crate.  Any suggestions?

I only have one day off this week, so I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to blog.  If not, see you next week everyone!


  1. Oh poor Mr. Tweed. He will bounce back in no time! I am sending all my good thoughts to the who gang. :)

  2. Oh poor Tweedles – Sending thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  3. Janice in GA says:

    Tweed’s Fan Club send best wishes for super-quick healing and patience in the crate!!!

  4. Best wishes Tweed! We do luff you!! Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas for fun-in-a-crate. Hopefully the 3 weeks zip right by.

  5. I feel like that was a rhetorical question, but just in case, you could shape all of the following while lying down in a crate: holding various objects, touching various objects, blinking, ear movements, wag tail, lick lips, head down on paws, touch nose to tail, lie on both sides, lie upside down, cross paws both ways, blowing bubbles in a bowl of water, nodding head, shaking head. That should give you a good start! :) Best wishes to Tweed for a speedy recovery and to you for peace and sanity in the mean time!

  6. Good luck Tweed.

    On clicker games … I would say teaching him some discrimination games or modifier cues would be good. They will be very stationary but also work his brain like nobodies business.
    Things he could discriminate between could be on the outside of the cage held up and he has to nose target the correct ones from his side.
    – square – circle
    – yellow – blue
    – pick the largest

    Hope this helps

  7. Object discrimination?

  8. Wishing you all a fast three weeks.

    Maybe you could teach him to creep under things? It would have to be straight out of the crate. Maybe you could teach him to wriggle across the floor on his back.

    Right, left, different toys, color?

  9. Yea, I am so happy to hear Tweed’s surgery went well and he is back home. I can’t comment on Facebook since I don’t have an account, but it let me look long enough to see that he’s home… I hope the recovery is speedy and the clicker ideas that have been suggested help keep his mind entertained and you sane!

  10. Teach him to be an Oracle. People can ask him questions and he will nod his head yes or shake his head no, according to his whim.

    Best wishes for a happy and successful recovery.

  11. pam in oz says:

    all the best my darling Tweedles.

  12. clairesmum says:

    get well soon, Tweed – and pay no attention to those pesky dogs outside the crate!

  13. Best wishes for a speedy and easy recovery, Tweed!!! As for games, there is the muffin tin game – muffin tin w/ tennis balls in each of the cups and a treat under one of the balls. There are other similar games that I can’t think of right now. The discrimination games people mentioned are good and you could also do scent discrimination. If you take him to work with you, I expect your co-workers will provide some distraction and attention. Keep us posted.

  14. Aislinn, Glenn, Coop and Joon says:

    We like the shell game. Take 3 of the same containers and turn them upside-down, place 1 wee cookie under one and then you show the dog where the treat is and then ask them to identify which ‘shell’ has the cookie under it – we either do ‘touch cookie’ or ‘where is it?’ or whatever their identify command is.
    Maybe you can point to each container and he can bark when you put your finger on it. I mean he’s got the IQ of a twelfth-grader, right? Joon is better at this than Coop and we can’t say why. We can move the containers around and she tracks it.

    I’d also try the Rico trick. Take a photo of two toys (say, a Ball and a Stuffie) and then place both toys in front of him and show him the image (on yer laptop of whatever) and say ‘Get it.’

    We just taught ours to open drawers. Are rethinking that now. :)

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