Pig Wars!!

Did you know that March is the international Adopt A Rescue Guinea Pig Month?  That’s what Petfinder claims anyway.  So it was a neat coincidence when another local animal shelter claimed to have “the cutest pair of male guinea pigs ever” available for adoption on a local discussion board.  Because I beg to differ.  *I* have the cutest pair of male guinea pigs ever available for adoption at *my* shelter.

Maddox The Ginger and Nelson (the mythical rat X guinea pig) are looking for a home.  And they are kee-ute!!

The guinea pig wars began innocently enough, but I’m competitive, and was dissatisfied with the quality of photos I was getting with my work issued point-and-shoot.  So I busted out the big guns camera gear today.  Cuz that’s just how I roll.

Ride ’em, cowbear!

Poor piggie – the indignity!  But you know how it is – no pain, no gain.  I’ll do whatever it takes to put these guinea pigs in your home today!  I will not be underpigged!

How can you say noez to this nose?

Come on … wouldn’t you feel like a million bucks if you had these two stylin’ dudes as your little hairy buddies?

And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this photo will?

If you’re going to hijack my day with a post about delicious little snackables, couldn’t you at least have invited me to the pig party?


  1. That look from Twoo is the look I’m getting from Kota these days. Cute pigs! I hope they find their furever home soon!

  2. Long-distance “Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

  3. It’s tough to make a guinea pig look “dynamic”. They just aren’t built for action photos, I think…

    But these are really nice shots and you should be very pleased with how they came out!

  4. Underpigged. Best new word of the day. :D

  5. They are adorable but no cigar ;) My wee guys would be too rough me thinks for these cuties. Have had G Pigs in the past and they were fun.

    Great shots.

  6. The basenjis are in complete agreement with Twoo. Snackables, indeed! I’m afraid they’d be single-use squeak toys.

  7. Aww.. If that doesn’t get them adopted, nothing will! I have 6 ratties coming to my place on Thursday, too bad I don’t have this kind of talent, they’d find a home in no time!

  8. Zomg. I am so glad I didn’t have anything in my mouth when I scrolled down to TWooie’s pic. It would have been all over my monitor.

    I’m with the TWoo on this one!

  9. LOL I second that, Carol!!! Another long-distance “Squeeeeeee!!!”

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