Noble Beast(s)

I took a sick day today … I was up most of last night with a killer headache and by the time it finally subsided and I was about to fall asleep my alarm went off.  I was like the walking dead, and emotionally exhausted from the head pain, so I called ‘er in and went back to bed until, like, noon.

So it was a lazy day for me, and I kinda dragged around the house this afternoon trying to avoid getting dressed and taking the dogs out.  I was scanning back through some of the more recent posts on Wootube and realized that I’m always taking the piss out of my poor dogs, all goofy photos and stuff.  When I finally mustered up the energy to throw on some boots and roam the acreage with the dogs, I decided to take some more noble photographs of my buddies.

Even Woo can look halfway noble, you know.

I was surprised by the sun, as I expected a rainy afternoon.  But the blue sky made for some lovely backdrops.

For such a handsome dog, Dexter is a challenge to photograph nobly.

Poor guy is much better looking in person.  In photographs he nothing more than ears, tongue and legs.

Even Springaling stayed still for 5 seconds or so, long enough to get a “romance” shot.

Speaking of romance, Dex finally posed for a shot with a little less tongue.

And since I’ve gone this far with the joke, I may as well take it a step further and say that TWooie doesn’t enjoy being a bottom, of this photograph is any indication.

I even managed to get a picture of Piper where she doesn’t look like she was slapped together with spare bits left over from other collies.

Someone posted a comment on a shot of TWooie on Flickr recently and observed it was interesting that so many huskies have at least one blue eye.  Now, I know TWooie is carrying a bit of winter weight and does indeed look kind of husky, but he doesn’t look like *a* husky, does he?

Taking these photos today was a good reminder that even when things are going shitty for me, like they are right now, I am blessed to have 6 of the best looking dogs in the world as my bestest friends.  Right Tweed?

Even if they are a little weird …

… they bring me great joy nonetheless.

Because they are pure joy.

Also, they make me laugh my ass off ;-)


  1. Var nice as we say down here in Alabama..
    Srsly, you have handsome and beautiful dogs.
    And this is from a cat person.

  2. Beautiful, wonderful, uplifting shots, FL. It’s a mark of generosity on your part that you share your amazing menagerie with us–thank you again.

  3. Your beasts really are beauties, though that first pic of Dexter made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing, and feel better :)

  4. I’m glad to hear that Springaling is officially being included as part of the pack :) Great photos as usual, love checking in.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I’ve had some shitty times lately too, but coming home to my happy dogs is always a high point of my day! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  6. All your dogs are a joy to behold! :)
    I do miss the “shocking” photos of puppy Dexter, tho! LOL

  7. Gets a smile from me every single time…

  8. Like MrsB, I am a cat person, and like her, I so enjoy reading about, and seeing, your dogs. They are wonderful and it’s clear they are incredibly happy and healthy. Thank you for this bonus post!

  9. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    Another cat person here, totally devoted to 3 Woofs, a Woo, a Twoo, and a Springalingadingadingding!

    I’m on the verge of converting to cat-and-dog-person because of FL’s corrupting influence. =:-)

    Hope your head feels better!

  10. Beautiful dogs, beautiful pics.

  11. Hope you’re feeling better! I love your dogs (and pictures) no matter how goofy they are! Saw this posted on and thought of you ( – does the agility pooping happen often? Poor handler lol

  12. Sorry to hear you are under the weather Food Lady. Hopefully more sunny days are on their way and life will begin to feel rosier for you. Thanks for finding the energy to bring some joy into our world today. It’s much appreciated.

  13. Love that first picture of Dex. His head coming down and the tongue flopping up is just hilarious.

    Feel better soon!

  14. I l.o.v.e. your dogs, but the ones of the Woo/Twoo always make me giggle. I just can’t picture those boys as noble because they both have the devil in their eyes! :)

  15. Janice in GA says:

    As always, Tweed’s pictures make me want to kiss him right between the eyes. All your dogs are lovely, but I’m an unabashed Tweed partisan. :)

    And the Flickr commenter has apparently never seen a non-Husky with blue eyes.

  16. Ahahahaha love Dexter hiding in the reeds! Very stealthy.

  17. clairesmum says:

    the first pic of Dexter was laugh out loud funny! i apparently awakened Claire from her nap – as there was a fuzzy eyed, half asleep snout in my lap looking a bit worried – usually I am quiet at the computer and so perhaps something was not right? she’s back to sleep and i have stopped chuckling – but I sure needed that!
    all of them are lovely, whether in glamor shots or playful ones – and you are a gem for sharing with all of us. hope you have more sun, less headaches, and a lighter load to carry in the next few weeks…take care of YOU.

  18. It’s OK FL, you can admit it…you took the husky comment too seriously and sent Twooie off to the Iditarod.
    here’s the proof

    He is doing a fine job, with Aliy Zurke battling for first place (as of Monday morning)

  19. Yes, Tweed, she means the best looking dog and some other ones!

    Tweed Fan

  20. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    AB — What the?!?!?

    I did double and triple and quadruple takes at that photo! When did FL send Twooie to Alaska?

    First thought: What the?!?!?

    Second thought: Must be photoshopped….*looks closer* …

    Third thought: Remembers it’s is a straight blog about competitive dog sledders, no reason for the author to photoshop Twooie in there for sh*ts and giggles…*looks again*

    Fourth thought: *Totally confused*

    P.S. Food Lady — The posed shot of Woo and Twoo reminds me of “American Gothic” … I guess this is Canadian Gothic (so it’s okay that Twooie is sitting; after all, he’s exhausted from running in the Iditarod!)

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