TWooday TWooie donates his status

to Piper, who wants to thank you for all your healing thoughts and good vibes.

She is recovering very well, and is almost back to her old self again!

Thank you everyone.  We love you all :)


  1. Thank goodness – I’ve been worried about you both.

  2. Yay, Piper!

  3. Susan Bassett says:

    Woo Hoo! Thanks TWooie, so happy about Piper!!

  4. Woot! – been checking every day to hear this news. And thank you, Twooie, for giving up your Twooday – see you next week!

  5. cinnamondog says:

    Oh thank goodness — freaky accidents are SO scary!
    Piper, the expression “bite your tongue” is not meant to be taken literally!

  6. Oh I’m so glad! Last night I realized I hadn’t seen an update and started worrying a little.

    Are the rest of the crew giving her space for R&R?

  7. Janice in GA says:

    Yay Piper!!! Stay well, sweetie!

  8. glad for the good news…really would have expected that this type of injury would have happened with Dexter of the too long tongue! Glad Miss Piper is doing well, and that Twooie understand their place in the order of the universe!

  9. WOOT!

  10. Whew! Or Woo, no Piperoo. I mean thank goodness.

  11. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    Thank goodness the Princess is okay!!!

  12. yay!

  13. Ahh! I’m behind and have just caught up to read about the Piper tongue saga. I’m glad to hear your resilient girl is–well–just that. I’m thinking good thoughts for all of you and hoping you’re getting sleep now, FL.

  14. I am glad Piper is on the mend! Poor girlie!

  15. OMG! I have been on the road for the last several days and have not been checking on the life of FL and the beasties. Having now just read the whole saga, I am so relieved to hear that Miss Piper is okay. Phew. What a scary, scary thing to have happened! What oh what could have caused it? These injuries happen and then the offending blade, metal spike, or whatever ghostly sharp thing disappears never to be seen …
    So glad she’s okay and that you’re able to get some sleep again.

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