So far so good

Piper “Nine Lives” Dawg is up and at ’em this morning, with a faceful of teeth for the dog who dares look at her breakfast, and having ripped her IV bandage off in the night.  And as she thinks Pill Pockets are a gift from doG,  giving her antibiotics was a snap.  So far so good!

I, on the other hand, am exhausted.  I set my alarm for 2 checks on her in the night between 1AM and 8AM.  And as Piper was sleeping in Tweed’s Club Med crate, Tweed slept in Dexter’s 5 star crate, and Dexter slept on the bed with me, which means he growled TWooie away from it all. night. long.

I could fall over from The Tireds today.  I suspect that a nap is in order, but first we are off to the vet for a recheck and another shot of Vitamin K.  Good thing I don’t sleep on my wallet, as it’s now empty! ;-)

Thank you all for the good wishes and healing thoughts.  They mean the world to me!


  1. Good luck, poor Piper!!! Keep that tongue under control.

  2. We are sending healing thoughts for Piper!

    Robin, Mitzi, Lucas and Slick

  3. Sounds good, but keeping fingers crossed!

  4. poor girl :/
    glad she is telling dogs to back off her breakfast :p still full of life :D

  5. Just caught up on Piper’s story. Holy Cow!
    What a crazy injury – and I’m so glad you got it in time.

    I suspect she’ll be a quiet puppy for a while. Build back up that blood supply. Holy cow.

  6. I’ve been checking in off an on all morning hoping to see a paws-itive update! Good on you and Piper!

  7. Laura in California says:

    Great, she is headed in the right direction! Piper is one tough little girl. I hope you get to have that nap and that the rest of the weekend is drama (and expense) free.

  8. It’s great to know she’s doing better. Best of luck at the vet and best wishes for you two. I hope she fully recovers soon.

    Take care of yourself and Pipper and best wishes to you both. :o)

  9. Just got caught up. Poor Piper! Hope she recovers quickly. Try and grab a nap if you can. You have to take care of yourself too.

  10. Continued positive thoughts and well wishes to you both. Take care of yourself too!

  11. Glad it’s so far, so good. I’m pulling for the Piper girlie!

  12. Sending healing thoughts Piper’s way. It sounds like she’s doing better, but I’ll keep thinking positive thoughts for her and you. Poor girly.

  13. Good to hear! We had a sick chi at the vets overnight for 2 nights last week, so our wallet sympathizes with your wallet !

  14. FL – I’m so glad to hear that Piper is better. Take care of yourself and her! And aren’t pill pockets wonderful?!

  15. She is such a pretty girl – and such a badass – keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Keep us posted.
    Furbabies – more helpless than real babies…..
    Get some rest when you can.

  16. Janice in GA says:

    Holy crap, I just saw the first post a little while ago. Piper just SCARED ME TO DEATH. I lost my little old Aussie man Bouncer (who was 15) two weeks ago today, and I Do.Not.WANT. to hear about bad things happening to other peoples’ dogs.

    Dear Piper, heal quickly and stay well!!!!!

  17. Glad to hear Piper’s on the mend. Best basenji healing vibes heading your way from Maryland.

  18. rosali(ta) says:

    Piper rocks.

  19. Just stopping by to check on Piper. Glad to see good news.

  20. so sorry to hear about the trouble but very glad to hear that Piper is getting better.

  21. Maria Shanley says:

    Glad Piper’s doing better! At least you have a house full of blood donors if needed.

  22. Glad to hear Piper is feeling better. What a strange injury! Then again, over the years I have become less and less surprised by the things dogs manage to do to themselves while playing. I think Piper needs to live in a Bouncy Castle or something, to keep herself safe, poor little girl. Hope you get some more sleep tonight and that she’s improved yet again in the morning.

  23. clairesmum says:

    just checked in and saw BOTH posts…glad to hear she is making some improvement. sending hugs and healing energy to you all!

  24. I hope all goes well. What a freakish thing.

  25. Just saw the awful news and then the good/better news and want to add my wishes for continued improvement. Hope you get some rest, too. Take care of yourself.

  26. Just checking in to see if the healing vibes I was sending towards Piper were working…good to hear that they are so far! And I feel your pain of an empty wallet…I’ve been there, several times! Your wallet will, eventually, heal much like Piper will :)

  27. Yikes – what a scary event! I am so glad your vet found and fixed the puncture. Sending many healing thoughts for Piper (and a small donation to Dexter’s testicle removal fund even though they’ve already been removed – hey, who knew, the CAD is now stronger than the USD)!

  28. Poor Piper and you. I hope her healing goes without any problems.

  29. Bobo and Meja says:

    Love and kisses, kisses and love from our house to yourn.

    Bobo, Meja and Mommy

  30. Thanks Piper, another thing we need to worry about, bleeding to death from tongue cuts! Please heal fast and quit scaring your mom!

  31. Aislinn, Glenn, Coop and Joon says:

    Sending coagulating thoughts Piper’s way. So stressful! Keep us posted. If your hand isn’t totally cramped from all the belly rubs she’s probably getting….

    Aislinn, Glenn and the Noodles

  32. cinnamondog says:

    How’s Miss Piper by now??

  33. Holy toledo. I spend the weekend away from the interwebz playing with my dogs, and come back to…this. Piper is one of the toughest dogs I know. I hope her recovery is progressing well and you are all back to a normal sleep routine by now. We will be thinking of you.

    Now off to make a small donation to Dexter’s overly depleted testicle fund.

  34. 5 dog nights...and days! says:

    Oh my goodness, poor Miss Piper! So glad she’s on the mend. Give her a big hug from us!
    Janet, Jester, Shy, Spur, Cutter and Copper

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