Noble Beast

Noble beast has inappropriate feelings for his sibling.

Those feelings are not reciprocated.

TWooie only humps his brother when there is wrestlin’ afoot.  It’s like he gets all wound up and has no other means of expressing his excitement.  I fear TWooie would be an Undesirable Sort if he were human, poor autistic dog.

On one of the message boards I scan from time to time, there was a discussion about dogs playing.  “Why would you expect or encourage your adult dogs to play with one another?” was the question.  My thought was that I don’t encourage my adult dogs to play with one another, they gleefully and frequently engage in that on their own.  But that’s not entirely true.  I do actually instigate play between Wootie and whoever will have him … because the faces he makes amuse me endlessly.  And it is all about me, after all.

Hyena Woo

The best way to get Wootie to play with Spring is to grab one of Woo’s forelegs from the opposite side of his body, underneath his stomach, and pull, forcing him to do an impromptu roll.  As soon as the Terriorist sees him going down, she’s swarming all over him until he has no choice *except* to play with her.

“There’s nothing scarier than a clown” Woo


Okay, so strictly speaking that wasn’t a “play” face.  You can tell because only the threat of stealing the Wootie Stick gives him those ears.

And really, what the poor guy was trying to do before I did the dirty tug-and-roll trick on him, was roll in dead worm.

OMG!  That’s so gross!

I am pretty convinced that I have the only dog in the world that does this.  Wootie will actively seek out a worm – he digs them out of the ground – which he then shakes “to death” (I say this in quotes, because I’m not convinced you can actually shake a worm to death) violently between his teeth.  He then lays the “dead” worm ever so gently upon the grass and throws himself down on it and writhes around enthusiastically.

Oh yeah baby, that’s right.  That’s the stuff.

And if you think “dead” (actually, by the time he’s done squirming around on it, the worm probably is dead) worm does not have a really pungent, disgusting, unpleasant, gag-reflex-worthy smell, you are sorely mistaken sir.

He’s taught Spring to roll on worm also, but she has not yet figured out how to dig them up.  She thinks Woo is a magic worm conjurer.

Random “Skinny Dexter hides his body behind the horse water pump” interlude

Rather than share my bed every night with Eau de Dead Crushed Worm, I tug-and-roll and send him off to wrestle with his little sister as a distraction.

I also encourage TWooie to play with Woo and Spring both because I think it’s healthy for his overall sense of social acceptance.  If he were in grade school, I would encourage him to invite his classmates to slumber parties or something – actually, given his inappropriate method of sexual self expression, maybe not slumber parties.  But whatever … I think that if TWooie goes out and has fun, his tiny little acorn sized brain will begin to recognize that fun=good, biting=bad.

Even humping aside, I am not entirely convinced that Woo enjoys playing with his brother and sometimes I feel bad about forcing it on him.

But they generally get along very well.

Piper played with Dex when he was little and sometimes plays with him now, but mostly she has no interest in playing at all.  And Tweed will very randomly get an attack of the zoomies/sillies and wrestle with someone, but he pretty well limits his “play” to a teeth-baring kind of battle of wills that he and Dexter like to throw down at each other.  They both seem to really enjoy it, but it doesn’t look like much fun to me, and I am always pulling scabs off Dexter afterward.

But given his druthers, Tweed would rather playing Flying Donut.

Wootie, not so much.  After I ring tossed him last time we played it, and then this unfortunate series of events today, I’m not sure he will ever play again.

Random “skinny Dexter hides his whole body behind a soccer ball” interlude

We played the afternoon away in the sun, and thank doG, for it is supposed to snow tomorrow.  WTF?  And now half of us are off to agility class.  Not Wootie.

Wait!  Wait!  Before we go I want to make a Kong offering to the worm Gods!

Happily, after class, Dexter will look like this:

Unhappily, during class he will look like this:



  1. I laughed out loud numerous time. Thanks for the blog!

  2. Dede in PA says:

    My sheltie Striker would like a job as a night crawler hunter. He will pounce all over the field when they are near the surface. My girls (BC mix and sheltie) love to roll on dead worms. They also like to eat them once they have properly cured. We had a long dry spell last summer and lots of sun-roasted worms to snack on. They also love to roll on ladybugs – if there’s one on the floor, either one of them will grind her shoulder into to crush it, then do a full back rub. Thank God they have no interest in rolling on stink bugs! Kylie just smacks them around with her paw until I go pick them up. Banjo (the other sheltie) does not roll. Ever. In 9 years he has never chosen to go belly up.

  3. I absolutely adore your blog – and your dogs.

    If it makes any difference, my Bella is a veteran worm-roller. It’s a wholly unique aromatic experience.

  4. One of my most favorite entries evah. And dead worm scent is PROFOUNDLY gag worthy in my book. Twooie – why the serious stink fetish?

  5. Sorry, meant Wootie.

  6. How the he** does one get a leg thru a donut? And i thought the head ring was a once in a life time ringer!
    Go food lady!!!! Come on to Charlotte NC and ring my obsessively fetching crew anytime.

  7. Oh yes, worm. How can such a innocous little animal be so reekingly *pungent*?? Zoey loves them. Thank goodness she doesn’t know she can dig them up! We are limited in being treated to that particular reek to after rainshowers and so forth.

  8. Worms are the most disgusting creatures around. Marley has the oddest ritual for worms. First she’ll dig them up and then she’ll toss them in the air and catch them followed by some chewing (as if they were gum). Once she is done with the whole tossing and chewing, she’ll rub her ears on the worm and then proceed to roll in it.

    It is the most disgusting thing ever, her ears are long and silky and they instantly create worm filled dreadlocks.


  9. My boys, 4yo Aero & 6yo Diesel (TDBCR alum) play with each other daily. Only outside and most often when I’m not with them (because Aero can’t play when he’s busy leaning on me). 6yo River (female) used to play with Diesel all the time until Aero showed up. Then she played with no one. About 3 months ago, I caught her playing with Aero, and then with the 2 boys together and now it happens weekly. None are induced by me. Because if I’m there, they want to lick/lean/play with me. I love doggie play.

  10. “Sure you do. Now lie down”

  11. Ellen Nickerson says:

    I have a bulldog/english setter mix who humps the air when she get excited about getting a treat and trys to ride her doggie bed.She was fixed at a young age. Love your blog.I have Sweet Pea, Muggins a valley bull and Lady Ga Ga, a hairless chinesse cresent, now that is a sight to see when playing.

  12. Oh, Ellen! I want to see your pack at play! Photos, please!

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