Life Hates Piper

It’s after midnight on Friday night and I’m blogging because I am awake.  I am awake because I just returned from the Emergency Vet with a very big vet bill and a very doped up Piper.

After our afternoon playtime today, I noticed Piper was licking blood onto her feet.  I tried to examine her tongue for the slice I assumed she had in it, but was unable to find anything.  Having experienced the “lick blood onto paws” scenario in the past, because border collies are INSANE and frequently chomp their ridiculously long tongues, I wiped her paws with a damp rag a few times and wasn’t overly concerned.

Except the blood kept coming and at about 9pm she threw up a large quantity of blood.  I called the vet, who told me that she probably was throwing up blood she had swallowed and to get her to drink some cold water and keep an eye on her.  If she threw up again, I should bring her in.

45  minutes later she threw up a puddle of blood almost as big as she is.  I tossed her in the car and whipped down to the vet, who could also find no cut on her tongue.  He was worried she’d gotten into rat poison (seriously?  AGAIN?) but wanted to put her under and check more carefully … because as we all recall, Piper *hates* The Brown Guy vet and wanted very much to bite him for looking in her mouth.

An hour later, he called and said I could come get her.

Piper had somehow punctured the lingual artery in her tongue, on the underside at the back of her tongue, and was slowly bleeding to death down her throat.  JESUSCHRIST.  Can this dog NOT catch a break?  We were playing Dumbball with a … well a BALL.  It’s rubber, and soft.  I have no idea what she punctured the freakin’ underside of her tongue on.  She required two layers of stitches, and IV fluids because he said she had lost so much blood she’d almost gone completely white.

So now we wait, because it’s a very awkward place to stitch and could easily open again.  I am afraid to go to sleep tonight!  She also got an injection of Vitamin K to help clot her blood and has to go back tomorrow for another dose.

My poor, wee girlie.  I don’t know why all the Bad Things happen to her.  She’s such a teensy little thing, and such an obedient, try-hard little buddy, it breaks my heart that she keeps suffering these terrible accidents :(

Please think good thoughts for my Princess of Power.  She’s having a rough go.


  1. Best wishes for you and Piper. We will be thinking of you in Western Australia x x x

  2. Wow, of all the freaky things to happen… I’m glad Piper is ok.

  3. (((hugs))) I hope piper heals up quickly!!!!

  4. My BC once pierced the base of her tongue with a stick. We were on a walk and even after that she kept running and retrieving things. Only when we came home she suddenly became lethargic and I noticed blood in her mouth (but the cut was in the throat, so I couldn’t see it). And of course it was Saturday night…

    Sending good thoughts to miss Piper!

  5. Thinking good thoughts and lots of love to Piper.Food lady , I can imagine how worried you are! Love to you too

  6. Sending healing thoughts for Piper, hope the stitches hold and she feels better soon.

  7. Oh, poor Piper! Thank doG you got her in when you did and hope the excitement is over for the night (and for good!). Really scary stuff.

  8. Thinking good thoughts for Piper *and* for you!

  9. Sending love and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Piper and to you.

  10. Holy crap, what a freak accident! Get well soon Piper!

  11. Get better Piper! ]:

    All of our best wishes and love!

  12. Hope Piper heals quickly. Scary.

  13. Poor wee girlie, and you too. What a nightmare. Hope you all get some recuperation time this weekend.

  14. I will keep wee Piper in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Good thoughts headed for you and Piper! Poor thing!

  16. Dede in PA says:

    Poor Piper! Poor Food Lady! Hope the stitches hold and that she recovers quickly.

  17. Lots of good thoughts and wishes for Piper from us.

  18. cinnamondog says:

    Oh, ouch, poor baby Piper! We have a lot of paws crossed here for Piper and you, Sheena. Talk about a freak accident — it made me wince many times just to read about it. Both of you be okay, please please please.

  19. Aww poor Piper. How scary that such a freak accident can happen while playing with a ball. Good thing you’re a diligent dog owner and were watching her so carefully!

  20. Oh no! Take it easy, Piper. No messing around until that tongue has healed!

  21. How awful…poor Piper….I know how scary this must have been. We have all our paws crossed for you guys.

  22. poor baby! may she feel calm and heal quickly! good luck!

  23. Get well soon Piper

  24. Keep us posted!

  25. Good thoughts headed her way…poor wee Piper girl

  26. Ruth and Gibbs says:

    Hope Piper recovers quickly and easily! And that NOTHING like this happens to her ever again.

  27. Power of the Paw to Piper.

  28. I am so sorry to hear that Pipper is sick again. I hope everything goes well and she recovers well and soon. I will keep an eye in your blog to see how she is getting on and I will keep her in my thoughts too.

    Take care of her and yourself and best of luck and wishes. :o)

  29. Terrifying ordeal – I’d have trouble getting to sleep, too! Poor little lamb – loads and loads of healing and clotting vibes for the Princess of Power.

  30. Frightening! Thankfully you were paying attention and acted swiftly. Praying for you all.

  31. Oh man, that sounds super scary. Hopefully the stitches hold long enough for it to heal up.

  32. UNDER her tongue….ooh Piper you are so talented. Hopefully your talents will speed up your recovery.

  33. Hugs and kisses to Piper. Freak things happen to both dogs and kids, and even adults. Hang in though. We are with you in spirit.

  34. Laura in California says:

    Healing thoughts coming to Piper from California. I hope she recovers quickly.

  35. Holy moly, how scary! Fingers and paws crossed for you and Piper here in TX.

  36. rosali(ta) says:

    I hope the stitches hold and Piper heals up quickly. Really good the vet was able to find the source of the problem! And I hope you are able to get some sleep. Thinking nothing but good thoughts.

  37. Bev Johnson says:

    Aww Piper how on earth did you manage to do that? Sending warm hugs your way raising the paw for you to get better real quick.

  38. BubbleWrap that dog!!

  39. Poor Piper, poor you! Always so hard when dogs are injured/ill. The amazing Mollie Ball and I send her and you tons of good healing thoughts..

  40. Aw jeez! That is so frickin scary. Thinking mightly of you two!

  41. Aw poor Piper, feel better soon girlie. Hang in there, sending puppy kisses and positive thoughts your way!

  42. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    Ongoing PAWSitive juju for the Princess!!!!

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