It’s TWoosday already

we are outraged!


  1. No no no. He’s not outraged. He’s just saying “fill my gaping maw with somethin’ good”. Like ice cream. Or cookies.

  2. Susan Bassett says:

    say “Aaaahhhh”

  3. See? I brush and floss twice a day! No cavities!

  4. I am outraged. It’s already two days into reading week–and for some ungodly reason, reading week ends on thursday. Phooey.

  5. Laura in California says:

    Wow, his teeth are insanely clean!

  6. “Wow, his teeth are insanely clean!”

    One of the benefits of a raw diet ;-)

  7. Such pretty teeth. My old bc came to me missing all his chicklets and canines ground down to the gum line. His toothless smile was a little disconcerting at first. I am used it now.

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