My doggie is brave

and has the certificate to prove it!

Brave Dexter!

Dexter came through his surgery with flying colours … Dr. Bowra found his testicles hiding right beside his penis, and not migrating around his skull or anything weird like that.  He also removed the tooth fragments left over from his smashed up tooth.  So he’s got only a pretty small incision and is recovering very nicely, albeit in the Cone of Immobility that renders him motionless.

They said he was “the biggest suck” and kept putting his chin in various laps and sighing.  That’s my little giraffe!

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and good wishes.  Not only do *I* thank you, and Dexter too, but my wallet also thanks you, as it was a lot less expensive than we were originally quoted :)


  1. clairesmum says:

    and there they were – gone! glad the little orchy bits were easy to find – saves money and (hopefully) recovery time,
    you need a certificate of bravery, too – it’s hard to be the family member waiting for the patient to come out of surgery, no matter what surgery.

    now, here’s hoping Twoo and Dex will get along better in 2012.

  2. Yay Dexter! How’d you get a tooth in you testes? Just kidding…I was speed-reading and did a double take. Wishing you more success than I have keeping a cone on Hope. I spent $40 for one of those blow up donut things. Took me longer to inflate and adjust his collar than it took for him to rip to pieces tearing it off his neck. Save your money.

  3. Great news. I hope the small incision means shorter “down” time and hence less wear and tear on you! Wouldn’t you put your head in people’s laps and sigh if they were cutting you open? Poor Dexter. So glad to hear the operation was simple, i.e., not too invasive, and hope Dexter recovers quickly. It must be a big relief for you.

  4. TWOOhoo!

  5. Awww, that certificate makes me squidgy inside. What a good vet! :)

  6. Yea!! So glad to hear all went well for Dexter and the pocketbook and very best wishes for a speedy recovery. What’s with the tooth??

  7. I love the idea of a certificate!
    So glad Dexter came through everything fine !

  8. I agree with Jolene’s sentiment–that certificate’s a great idea. They just need to personalize it more for their male and female patients. And hoorah for Dexter his chin-in-lapping (I love that in a dog), and for the removal of his less-than-hard-to-find testicles. All in all, sounds like things went off without a hitch.

  9. Wow- good news all around! I’m glad there wasn’t too much digging involved in finding his man bits- they were more hiding than lost!

  10. Yahoo,
    It sounds like just a “normal” neuter incision which means “normal” down time. It should also be MUCH less painful for him. Horay!!!!

  11. Glad to hear Dex’s surgery went well and balls easy to find. Win-win on recovery time as well as the vet bill :)

  12. good job Dexter!

  13. YAY Dex!!!

  14. May I add my ‘Yeah!’ for monster giraffe Dexter! So so glad he came through okay — I knew he would.
    Here’s hoping his recovery is fast and pain-free. And glad it wasn’t so painful in the wallet.

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