Miami Miami

No no, I’m not going on vacation.

This is Miami … my hammy.  Say it out loud :)  It’s fun!

Doesn’t Miami have the super coolest Hamosphere ever?  She was abandoned at the door of a vet clinic in the snow.  People suck.  Since I liked MC Hamster a lot, and like having a hamster, I brought her home.

The beauty of the Hamosphere is that no dog tongues can sneak through cage bars to *taste* Miami, and therefore TWooie has lost interest in eating her already.

I thought maybe Dexter would like to have Hammy TV to watch whilst recovering from his neuter.

Alas.  “Rest” is not a word in his vocabulary.

Or maybe he just doesn’t want to lie down … poor doggie, they shaved his wiener bald.  Completely bald!!  Oh the indignity!  I therefore could not withhold the joy of playing in the snow from Mr. Baldnutz (this reference is funny to Vancouver residents who have ever read the Georgia Strait only, pretty much).

He is none the worse for wear after his surgery.  I can’t believe how fast dogs recover from this kind of thing.  By Wednesday morning, he was bouncing up and down and bringing tennis balls to clients at work.  Do you think maybe he’s crying on the inside?

Dear doG, why’d you take my nuts?

He was feeling so fine today, a mere two days later, that he really didn’t understand why he couldn’t go to agility class this evening.

What the eff?

But I didn’t want dirty barn dirt getting in his incision site, so he had to stay home.  Miss Springaling went in his place.


Spring is totally gettin’ her agility on.  She’s mastered all the contact equipment except the teeter, which is still a little scary, but she can run a Jumpers course like a hot damn.  And she has not yet met the weave poles, because it’s been too snowy to bust out the 2X2s.  It started snowing a week ago and has continued to dump on us off and on for the last 6 days. AND the temperature dropped well below 0° so once again, my bath tub drain froze solid.  Why’d I move out here to the Stix again?

Oh yeah … because we get to run around on 10 acres like crazy peoples!

Apparently it’s going to start raining again tomorrow and melt all this white stuff.  So since I only worked a half day today, I decided to take the afternoon to get snowy photos of the dogs for you.

I think they enjoyed themselves.  What do you think?

Well, mostly anyway … Tweed doesn’t like snowballs (in his feet).

Shut up!  At least they didn’t steal YOUR balls!

YOU shut up, sonny!  They stole my balls over a decade ago!

Okay okay, I’ll stop with the testicle references.

Thank doG.  It’s about time.

Flying donuts … so much better than balls.

Yeah!  Donuts!

I love dogs-in-snow photos.  I especially love that my dogs will let me dump snow all over their heads and then look happy about it for photo opportunities.

Well, *some* of them anyway.

Mostly I just love how happy all my dogs are :)

Happy snow day, friends!

Is this post over already?


  1. Looks like tons of fun! Snow is so much more fun than flooding.

  2. Andrea Denton says:

    I live in south Florida and you and your crew have an open invitation to come visit any time you want. See Miami for yourself! My kids were in the pool today….they don’t know what snow is…lol.

  3. Snow photos are so much fun. We’ve only had one day of snow this year and I’m a little sad.

  4. RE: snowballs in the feet. Try Musher’s Secret. Bought some last year, never used it, but this year Apollo has had horrid problems with snowballs so I gave it a try, and I have to say it worked really well. He wasn’t sure he liked me putting it ON his feet, but it worked very well.

    Glad to hear Dexter is doing well after his surgery!

  5. Glad to hear Dexter is doing so well. Just a little disappointed we didn’t get a picture of him wearing the “cone of shame”.
    Love all the snow dog pics!

  6. Janice in GA says:

    Delighted to hear Dexter’s doing well!

    And those pictures of snowy dog faces with raccoon eyes made me really happy today. :)

  7. Oh! I wish that it would snow here too. My doggies love the snow so much!! Your pictures are lovely!! kiss the doggies!!

  8. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    GLORIOUS. (Snow pix, not nutz.)

    Tweed’s cocked head should go viral as an internetz meme.

    So glad Dexter’s surgery went so well and that he recovered like nobody’s business.

    Sooooooo wonderful to see Twoo so happy.

  9. I love how happy your dogs are, too!

  10. I just love these pics and how happy your dogs look. I just wanna nuzzle those faces! (this from the “I’m not a dog-person” who doesn’t like doggy kisses lol)

  11. Awesome pics as usual. I’m glad Dexter got through the surgery fine.

    Apollo is awfully tired of the snow – it’s got a couple layers of ice and with his arthritis, it’s tiring to have to walk in the snow. The novelty wore off fast for him.

    Oh and – tip: for the snowballs in between the pads, spray PAM on their feet or if you don’t have that up there, the Canadian nonstick cooking spray equivalent. Really helps cut down on the ice balls! And bonus, their feet smell like popcorn/butter.


    that is all.

  13. rosali(ta) says:

    I love how much dogs love the snow.

    You might enjoy this if you haven’t seen it yet:

  14. We only got 1 day of snow here (3″) and my dogs were zooming around the backyard for an hour solid. Even River was playing with Aero which a rare occurrence. I can appreciate how you love to watch your dogs play. It’s one of my favorite things and I always stop what I’m doing to watch mine. :D

  15. clairesmum says:

    hurrah for healthy dogs and snow days and great photos for us to enjoy! miami the hammy has a great home there – glad to hear it is snout-proof. Twoo and Woo can keep their hunting OUTDOORS where it belongs. Stay warm!

  16. Tweed is so photogenic! Such a handsome guy!

  17. Really happy that Dexter is doing so well after surgery, Lots of hugs for him I hope he recovers completely soon. And I hope you have plenty of “brownies” for him to help the recovery. ;)

    And yes it appears is universal that all dogs somehow LOVE snow. The photos are fabulous as always, thanks for sharing them.

    Best wishes. :o)

  18. And I was wandering through Pet Express and passed by the hamster stuff. Started whispering Miami my hammy. Looked at the bubble houses and then kept walking. Whew! Close call.

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