Bonus Friday Post

Today you get a bonus post for 3 reasons:

1) because I borrowed the chickens’ heat lamp and aimed it at my bathtub drain pipe under the house and thawed it out so I could have a long, hot shower this morning.  All is right with the world :)

2) because we went to the park today with The Sadist’s wife (who is not sadistic) and their dogs and had a fun play, and TWooie DIDN’T TRY TO KILL ANYONE.  He objected when Cisco humped him, but no blood was shed and no fights broke out.  Brilliant effort on TWoo’s part; I am so proud of his restraint.  I took no photos, as I wanted both eyes on TWoo, but he did me proud.  Our hard work is paying off!

3) because The Sadist’s wife brought her new puppy, whom I *did* take photos of, and you will of course want to see some of them!

This is Cruz.

The Sadist says he is a pain in the ass.  I can’t imagine why ;-)

I think he’s just plain adorable :)

How lucky am I to get to spend my day off playing with a cutie patootie puppy?  Seriously.  Best snow day ever!


  1. *squeeeeeee* AUSSIE PUPPY!!

    This is not helping my patience level while waiting for my very own bundle of fuzzy HellSpawn.

  2. Oh squeeee! The cute! It burns!

  3. WANT!!!! So edumacate me. When you say Aussie, do you mean Australian Shepherd? (don’t throw things at me either…)

  4. Yes, Australian Shepherd. He is pretty cute. The look on his face in the 1st picture is priceless.

  5. GAH! you are admitting to loving an Aussie puppy?! Now I believe in “change”. *big happy grin*

  6. I have a black tri Aussie who I love to pieces, but I don’t like blue merles. Until now.

  7. Does it just warm the cockles of your heart to know that Cruz brings pain and suffering to the sadist??? sort of does for me :)

  8. The Food Lady says:

    “Does it just warm the cockles of your heart to know that Cruz brings pain and suffering to the sadist??? sort of does for me :)”

    See, this is why I think we are total besties in a parallel universe :) I *heart* you!

  9. I love his one black ear! Because I am one of those scary dog show people (I know how scary we are), and I’m an Aussie dog show-er at that, I’m curious- do you know where they got this little man from?

  10. The Food Lady says:

    California somewhere I believe. But I don’t know the breeder’s name – I mean, I know her real name, but don’t know what she calls herself. I’ll let Linda reveal it if she likes :)

  11. Janice in GA says:

    ZOMG, what an adorable puppy!

    WANT. Even though I barely have the energy for my adult dogs, let alone a pup!

    Still, lovely Aussie pup is lovely. :)

  12. What a little beauty he is!

  13. Ooooohhh! What a beautiful baby! Gorgeous photos, too! Linda, Can I squeeze him when I come to visit?

  14. Cruz is from RaineDance Australian Shepherds in Santa Rosa California. And Lizzy, definitely!

  15. 5 dog nights...and days! says:

    Love, love, love those devilish Aussies! And what an adorable one Cruz is! Makes me want to add a fourth Aussie to my crew of house dogs! Sigh……..

  16. clairesmum says:

    Yes the puppy is cute BUT the big news here is Twoo – bless his little doggy heart! I think it’s reasonable to object to being humped, but he was able to keep his behavior in the boundaries of acceptable dog behavior – YEAH Twooie!!! A hot shower is good, a too cute for words puppy in the snow is great,but Twooie gets the prize in my book! and a prize for you, too, Food Lady, for seeing his potential and helping him grow into your pack.

  17. So cute it hurts…..! This fellow is adorable.
    And Miami is great. Who’d abandon a hamster? Really, people?!
    Love the lighting of the snow pics, FL–I don’t know how you do it, but it looks amazing. I’m sure Jake would let you put snow on him. He’s one of those face-in-snowbank snorflers, the kind of snow-dig-with-snout that results in a sneeze.

  18. Thrilled with the Twoo news. Yay for him!!

  19. cinnamondog says:

    GIMME! Gimme that puppy, give him to me, give him to me NOW!

    Good grief, that is the second dog I have coveted today. I must be losing my tiny mind. The first was a BC I saw at the training center, he is down from Alberta to a person here who is helping him rehab from a badly broken leg (we have hydrotherapy here, apparently not in Alberta?) — he is the 15-month old son or maybe grandson of Dewi Tweed ( and I fell immediately in love with him, gimpy leg and all.

    Thank goodness the Shelties are thick as dust bunnies in my house and I couldn’t squeeze another canine — or human! — body in here under any circumstances. It’s scary, how self-control completely deserts me when I see a marvelous dog.

  20. Love that last photo. His new Mum will is very lucky to have such a wonderful puppy photo. :-)

  21. wonderful pictures. you should enter some of them in the “I shot it” photo dog contest. You could win 1400.00 Ive entered some pictures too , so I probably shouldnt tell you about the contest. LOL But these are to wonderful not to pass on the word. Just type in “I shot it” into google and it will bring it up.

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