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Tell me … is your TWoosday relaxing?

Or are you on guard?

Bad News …

Dexter has rabies.

ha ha!  Just kidding.  Did I make your heart stop for a moment there?

Yippee!  I’m not rabid!

Today the dogs got a good work out in the Altheticism Competition on Food Lady Farm.

Dexter gets a B+ … but don’t forget, he’s coming back from an injury.  Okay surgery.  Whatever.

Spring gets an A.  Very impressive for a newbie to competition!

Wootie, of course, gets an A+.

It’s even more impressive when you think about the fact that he’s a lazy orange sausage of a dog.  He got extra points for throwing in fancy moves, like handstands, and sticking his landings.

TWooie, otoh, failed.

But he made up many points in the synchronized competition.

And speaking of the WooTwoo, some time back a friend sent me a link to a website about Max and Moritz, a German storybook about two very mischievous brothers written in the 1800s, and asked if they didn’t remind me – disturbingly so – of two dogs I knew.

Ah, how oft we read or hear of
Boys we almost stand in fear of!
For example, take these stories
Of two youths, named Max and Moritz,
Who, instead of early turning
Their young minds to useful learning,
Often leered with horrid features
At their lessons and their teachers.

*shudder*  Damn the Germans and their bad ass brothers!!

They’re scary.  I’m hiding behind Spring until they go away.

How long after neutering do you think it will take Dexter to put on a little weight and become a normal sized body, rather than just a giant head with some skinny legs attached?  It’s positively ridiculous that he can hide his whole body behind 19lbs of Springaling.

And speaking of Dexter … this dog makes me wish I could photograph sound.  I have never had a dog do this before, but when he is really excited he chatters his teeth together so loudly that he sounds exactly like a woodpecker.  I’m not kidding … I spent, like, a year telling people I had a woodpecker that visited my house until I clued in to the fact that the “woodpecker” only showed up when I was putting on my boots and Dex was stuck on the other side of the babygate waiting to be released out the front door, and I started listening a little more closely.  Does anyone else’s dog do this?

One thing I CAN photograph is pain.


Food Lady, why you cry?

Ha ha ha!  That was so funny!  Ha ha!

Hee hee hee!  I laughed so hard I fell over!

Dude!  You gotta come and see this … Dexter knocked the Food Lady OUT with the Fifa!  it’s hilarious!!!

*shakes fist at sadistic dogs*  Clearly, they spend too much time with Gerhard.

I’m going to go think fluffy, happy thoughts now.

Hey cool!  You’re not dead after all.  Can I have a cookie?

There’s no TWoosday like snow TWoosday …

(actually, there’s no snow … it’s all mud now)