Just because I Luff Him

Tweed and Santa from today:

If I start editing photos now, I will not sleep tonight and I gotta go to work tomorrow!  But I do expect the next several evenings to consist of me with my face against the computer screen editing and photoshopping the some 1300 photos I took today.  We had about 60 people show up, so it was a loooong and very busy day.  We ran more than an hour over time we were so busy!  And we couldn’t have done it without Santa (AKA Deb) and Santa’s Little Helper (AKA Laurie).  You guys are the BEST!

Thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate Christmas through the magic of photography and donated to worthy animal charities.  You are all very cool :)

But you’re not as cute as Tweed.


  1. Tweedles just looks so relaxed and happy there with Santa Deb! Great photo, as always. Peace and happy holidays to you and your gang.

  2. Now that’s some Yuletide cheer, dear Tweed! Lovely smile!

  3. What a handsome boy! Tweed, that is, not Santa.

  4. I love that Tweedy smile!

  5. Tweed looks like he really believes…. lol

  6. I am so glad it was a great day and you raised a lot of money. Too bad i am on the other side of the continent, I would love to have you photograph my Happy.

  7. Ohhhh, this picture of Tweed smiling just made my day!

  8. Janice in GA says:

    Great smile, great look in Tweed’s eyes. Adorable.

  9. I luff him too! He looks like such a PERSON, ya know? He’s really a person in a dog suit isn’t he?

  10. clairesmum says:

    Awww, that’s wonderful! Tweed, you are helping me find my Christmas spirit! Glad your event was successful. I’d have brought Claire, but we live on the other coast. Maybe next year we could borrow Santa’s reindeer for the trip to Vancouver…..

  11. Laura in California says:

    Awwww, Tweed has such a great smile. I hope that Santa brings him whatever he wants.

  12. Tweed is such a cutie. Nice to have him showcased – he gets lost in the pack sometimes.

  13. 5 dog nights...and days! says:

    Tweed is a heart stealer!

  14. Such a handsome boy!

  15. I must be getting old……… the Santas are looking younger!

    Tweed is so handsome. Give him an ear scritch from Scotland.

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