Last year at Santa photos, my tripod fell over and the hotshoe on my flash cracked in half.  It and the camera were no longer on speaking terms as a result.  I tucked Mr Flash away in a drawer and forgot about it, after having a silent, private temper tantrum.

Of course this year I need the flash again, so I rented one from Leo’s Cameras yesterday (and dropped my own off for repair).  It’s a different model from mine, so I thought I should play with it a little bit last night and make sure we on the same page.

Not everyone was impressed.

But some dogs were ready to ham it up at a moment’s notice.

Iz can be ham too?

Riddle was happy to share the limelight … and the random chunk of wood.

I do believe Spring will miss her tag team partner in crime when she finally gets adopted.

Now I’ve got to finish getting everything ready for tomorrow’s Santa Photos.  We hope to see you there!

You can come visit me!!


  1. I love how Dexter always looks ready for anything! Every pic of him ever could be described as “stoked!”

  2. StupidSmartDogs says:

    A friend of my friend is apparently looking for a border terrier mix and is considering Riddle! I hope it works out well, it sounds like she is really interested and excited to get a chance to meet her ;)Hope it works out C:

  3. Have fun. I wish I Iived nearer – I’d love to meet Piper :-)

  4. “I do believe Spring will miss her tag team partner in crime when she* finally gets adopted.”

    *she = Riddle or she = Spring?

  5. Dexter is simply gorgeous. I love him. Enjoy your photos! (I always do!)

  6. As the owner of a 3-legged dog and a photography no-nothing, I thought your first sentence was talking about a dog who fell over. Hee. :)

  7. Amazing lighting, FL! I love the last shot of Piper–she’s such a beautiful girl!

  8. *she = Riddle or she = Spring?

    I am also curious about this. Are you going to keep spring? Did I miss that memo?

  9. And here I was just thinking how utterly seamlessly Riddle fits into your pack and how much she and Spring seem to like each other that of course she would be staying with you and yours forever!

  10. Wow! Those were taken with a flash? You are a master! My flash photos always scream F*L*A*S*H!

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