Tweed – I like him so much, I bronzed him!

Tweed, ATCh, MSDC, Bronze Award of Merit!!

It’s a shitty photo, but my flash is still broken and I was in a hurry to get something I could post for you :)

I’m very proud of my boy – he went 2 for 3 in his Masters Standards, and the one he dropped a bar in was because he wrapped the jump so tightly he bumped the wing with his shoulder.  He hit ALL his contacts.  He’s such a marvelous doggy!

Here’s his Bronze run video … shaky and kind of out of focus, but hell, at least it’s recorded for posterity!

And Dexter “Long Stride” Morgan did me proud this weekend too.  He went 3 for 5 runs; Q’d with a first in Steeplechase. Q’d with a first in Advanced Gamblers, and got himself out of Starters Jumpers with a 1st place and a Q …. 15 obstacles in 15 seconds.  How can any dog be that fast?

He had a little meltdown in Starters Standard – the first two obstacles were a chute on the start line, and then a sharp left turn to the left over a jump.  Dex comes off the start line like a pinball, and he was halfway across the ring and taking an off course jump before I could get his name out of my mouth.  And then he decided that the A-Frame contact was superfluous, so we had to redo it no fewer than 5 times to get him to stick it ;-)

In the Steeplechase we didn’t Q in, I over rotated on a front, got momentarily lost, and by the time I righted myself (took about one second) he was already over an off course jump.  No room for error with a dog this speedy!  Even with the massive time faults for an off course, he was still just one second away from qualifying.  And his Advanced Gamblers Q racked up something ridiculous like 94 points.

He is all kinds of fun, this big dog is!

Even the terriers were excited for the boy dogs!


  1. Evie Douglas says:

    Yay for Tweed! So nice of them to pick ribbon colors that are perfect for him!

  2. Congratulations Tweed!

    And all I can say about Dexter is, “Holy crap!” It looks like he is one-bouncing those distances!

  3. Woo Hoo Tweed!! Way to go, beautiful boy!

  4. Tweedsterific!!!!

    Wow, Dexter makes the course look undersized for him, his stride is so looooong!

  5. Tweed, I gotz lettrz too!

    Carol, RN, BSN, MBA, PCCN

  6. Tweed looks like a 2 year old in that photo with the ribbon! Maybe he just doesn’t age like normal dogs.

    I’m very impressed with both dogs, and with their handler too :)

  7. I lurv Tweed! And holy cow – Dexter! Not only fast but SMOOTH!

  8. A big congrats to you and Tweed!!!

  9. Janice in GA says:

    Hooray for Tweed!

    ::leads the cheers for the southern US contingent of the Tweed Fan Club::

    Hip hip HOORAY!

  10. Janice in GA says:

    Uh, also, Yay Dexter!! (sorry, didn’t mean to leave him out at first!)

  11. Sweet. Looks really good on Tweed, it does.

    And I have to say, I think it’s funny you dress the shaggy terrier and not the smooth coat. *grins*

  12. Congratulations all around – Tweed, Dexter, and Food Lady. Tweed looks so pleased with his “bronzed” self. Dexter is amazing and obviously loves flying around an agility course. Pray he doesn’t get any faster!

  13. A huge congratulations to Tweed and watching Dexter is amazing. He really does fly over the course. He looks like he is barely touching the ground. New bones for all!

  14. Atta boy, Tweedles! He looks so handsome done up in his ribbon–like a much younger fellow. But handsome and proud nonetheless. Congratulations, FL, Tweed, and Dexter Morgan!

  15. I clapped at the end of Dexter’s video, completely without intending to. It was just that great! Congrats to you, him, and Tweed.

  16. Congratulations! The ribbon becomes him. And I still want that little terrier!

  17. Laura in California says:

    Yay for Tweed and yay for Dexter, the up and coming. Great job FL!

  18. We heart Tweed! And wowza Dexter, nice work there!

    I just registered Rowley in CPE so he will probably trial pretty soon, he’s nowhere *near* as ginormous as Dexter and will only have to jump 20″.

  19. Tweed is beautiful. Such lovely eyes.

  20. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    Bravo for Tweed and Dexter. Love Tweed in Bronze. The Proud Veteran.

    Now Dexter…. HOLY CRAP. He flies effortlessly through the course. He is amazing to watch, a revelation. It is so exciting to be tuned in to this amazing athlete this early in his career. He has barely had a rookie season, and his potential already looks off the chart.

    I can’t imagine how excited you must be to run him and to see what he is going to develop into. HOLY CRAP.

  21. tweed looks tiny sitting in that chair! i think i think your dogs are bigger than they are.

    i can’t play the videos. :(

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