Reunited and it feels so good ….

TWooie has his Woo back, and he is pleased beyond measure.  Woo was away for a few days being a “shelter” dog in a movie coming out next year.  Can you believe I’ve become so blase about my dogs being used for film work that I didn’t even ask the name of the production when Dove asked if she could use him?

He’s not the star or anything, just some background orange.  I learned the movie is called “Santa Puppies” or something like that: “In the movie everyone in Pineville is preparing for Christmas, when the town’s Christmas spirit is ruined by a misunderstanding. Santa, his elves and his team of Great Pyrenees puppies must travel from the North Pole to save the day.”

TWooie didn’t get to go because he Does Not Play Well With Others.  Poor TWoo … first I almost accidentally killed him, and then he was abandoned by his own flesh and blood.

I’m pleased to say that TWooie is just fine after our horrifying experience the other evening.

The worst thing about the whole event (besides the whole “OHMYGODTWOOIEISDYING” thing) is that he never even saw the person and dog coming down the road.  So it’s not like he was flipping out in a fit of rage when I looped my fingers through his collar, he just turned around the wrong way when I turned around too.  It was the most innocuous of events, and it went South so very fast.  He probably thought he was being Really Really Punished for something, and poor baby doesn’t even know what.

I went to the Dr. and he thought my finger might be broken, but I have broken fingers before and I think it would be a lot more painful and a lot more purple.  I believe it’s just sprained.  So we move on.

Wootie is a very caring brother.  While he was away, he lent TWooie his Flamboyance™ to keep him warm.

Look at that thing!  It took him a couple years, but TWooie finally learned how to grow his own.

The good news is that I got Wootie back just in time to celebrate three birthdays. Tomorrow is the day I decided was Woo, TWoo and Piper’s birthday.

Piper is going to be 9 years old.

I’m gonna be WHAT?!?!

Will there be cake?  Ohgod, please tell me there will be cake!

What do you mean “we’re going to be sick?” Why are we going to be sick?

I said SIX, TWooie.  You and Woo are going to be SIX.

(you see that little red spot in his blue eye?  That’s a broken blood vessel, from when I tried to strangle him to death :(  Poor TWooie.)

Can we go back to discussing the possibility of cake please?

And it looks like we will be having an extra guest for the birthday celebrations, as Riddle is still with us.  How come nobody has applied for my sweet tiny terrier?

But I want to live here.

I thought small dogs were popular.  Is it because she is a terrier and terriers are, by definition, terrierfying?  And what a terrier she is too … by total chance, someone came into the shelter the other day and said “Hey, I think that’s my neighbour’s dog.”  It turns out that Riddle is from the Rez, recently whelped a litter of pups, and has been pretty much left to her own devices most of her life.  I gather the owners were not so interested in getting her back, so she is still looking for a home of her own.  Both her parents were “terrier mixes” so she is an UltiMutt.

At least while she is here, Spring is showing her how to be Very Very Bad.

What’re you talkin’ about?  I didn’t do nuthin’.

She has shown her how to bark ferociously at other dogs, to growl and bark at every noise one hears, to scream and carry one when The Food Lady leaves you alone for more than 10 seconds, to get on my desk at work and investigate the contents of my lunch bag, how to spring off of The Food Lady’s thighs and leave perfect mud pawprints on the front of all her jeans … and now she has taken it upon herself to instruct her in the fine art of Wrasslin’.

I borrowed Piper’s Mad Teeth™; you’ll be sorry!

Yield!  I yield!  We have been watching too much Game of Thrones!

I like Miss Riddle a lot, but I would like for her to find her own home.  If this entices anyone … she comes with several outfits I have pilfered from our collection at work!  I like to dress up little dogs, what can I say?

Something else I would really like to do is help this poor dog.

She is at a local animal control facility (not mine) and came in as a stray.  It is doubtful she will be claimed.  She is a regular sized border collie, but is so emaciated that she weighs just 27lbs.  She is very old.  She has an enlarged heart and arthritis in her spine.  She is matted beyond belief and stinks.  And she is as sweet as can be.

A dog like this, who has given her whole life to someone, does not deserve to see the last of her days in any shelter, no matter how caring (and they do care, that’s why they called us!).  Though she is likely not long for this earthly plane, she deserves a bath, tasty food, some painkillers and some full body hugs on a snuggly dog pillow, before she goes home to The Great doG Kingdom in the skies.

I want to help her.  But even if I didn’t have Riddle, I’m not in a position to give her what she needs.  I’m gone for too many hours a day, too many days a week.  But what I CAN do is pay for what she needs, and with your help, find her somewhere loving to go.  If you are in the BC Lower Mainland and can offer a hospice situation for this old darling, please PLEASE message me.  Together, we can help this old dog.  I really hope we can.  Her stray hold is up tomorrow, and I don’t want her to spend one minute longer in a shelter than she has to.

Do it for Tweed.

I have no idea what she’s talking about, as I wasn’t listening, but yes … you should do something for me.

Dexter and Tweed are trialing this weekend.  It’s the last trial of the year, and we’re hoping to get Dexter’s first Advanced Jumper’s leg.  We’re also hoping to get two clean Standards for Tweed, so he can get his Bronze title, but I am so not holding my breath.  He routinely forgets what contacts are in trials, the little barky red bastid.  But there will be video for you by early next week.

Happy Weekend to you all!


  1. Dear Food Lady, Woo, Twoo et. al:

    Wish I could take that senior BC girl, but it might be a bit of a challenge getting her across a whole continent to SC, and I’d worry how she’d hold up on the trip. Check this group out though, as they might be able to help:

    Hope there’s an open heart, loving arms and a soft bed waiting out there for this baby!


  2. What a sweet old darling that girl is. I hope someone on the west coast can provide a hospice situation for her.
    On another note, glad to hear the gang’s all together and doing well. Tell TWooie if he’s feeling much better, I could use some help with my physics homework.
    Thinking of you guys (and gals) as the triple-birthday approaches!

  3. I don’t supposed Miss Riddle can be transported to the lower states? Even after everything you said to discourage anyone of wanting her, I think she would fit in well with at least two of our three. We miss our Border Collie Shepard Mix Katie and need another female to rile things up here again.

  4. I can’t offer a home for the sweet old gal (Texas, USA), but I will be happy to donate to your rescue in honor of her.

    So happy that TWoo is OK with “only” a red eye spot to show for his traumatic experience. It’s OK, FL; you were doing the best you could.

    And I still say that Riddle is onedogsamedog (to quote you) with my mutt Alfie. It’s uncanny!! Here’s hoping she finds a home soon.

  5. That first picture of Spring and Riddle looks like they’re guests on Jerry Springer…

  6. Oh lordy, I want the old girl. If only I had mastered the art of manipulating the space/time continuum so that I could make Chicago a mere few miles from Vancouver — back to the drawing board!

    Piper is not nine. You must be bad with numbers or something. Piper is FIVE, she might even be four. :)

  7. Can Carol take her?

  8. Carol has a bit of a cash squeeze going on at the moment, but if the WooTube fans could help sponsor that super sweet looking senior maybe there might be a soft bed and many gentle hands for her there.

  9. What about Sporticus’ “parents”?

  10. The sweet old BC brought tears to my eyes. Suzanne’s suggestion of Sporticus’ parents is a great one if they are up to giving their hearts to one more old dog. And maybe this girl would have the same extended life with them that Sport did. What an amazing old guy he was.

    Looking forward to pictures of the threesome birthday party. Great expressive photos of their anticipation. Good luck at the trial this weekend.

  11. boy you have a big heart. Even with all the dogs you currently care for, your compassion for the elder BC speaks volumes. You are a great voice for these dogs looking for homes.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to Woo, Twooie, and Pipper!! I hope they got lots of brownies, ;)

    And I hope you are recovering from the broken finger. Take care of yourself. :o)

    Best wishes.

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