One down, one to go!

Tweed had a beautiful, clean Masters Standard run tonight, all contacts firmly hit!  It must be my birthday or something ;)

 One more to go, and he gets his Bronze.  Cross your fingers for us tomorrow please!

In other news – old lady dog from Animal Control is safely in a foster home.  We’ve dubbed her Emmylou, and so far her preliminary vet work is looking good.  Cross your fingers for her too!  And give a BIG shout out to Stephanie, who collected Emmylou today and is giving her all the love she deserves.  Thank you Stephanie!


  1. Congratulations on Tweed’s clean Standard run. All paws crossed here for another one tomorrow. Great news about Emmylou and paws crossed for her vet work. Stephanie rocks! Hope she is close to you so you can visit and take pictures. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. ditto what riosmom said.

  3. um, mystery woman. says:

    Now this is why you do what you do… *heart*. A delightful birth day of you! Well done!

  4. Congrats to you and Tweed! Kudos to you and Stephanie for getting Emmylou (sweet name!) into the a warm caring environment! Hope you are able to provide the occasional update on her…. we love us some senior dogs (agrees 13.5 yo Ben and 12.5 yo Molly)!

  5. Yay Tweedles! We knew you could do it, handsome old man dog! Emmylou is a wonderful name, and Stephanie must be a doGsaint or something (not to be confused with anti-doggers, who I sometimes refer to as “doGstain”). Hope your run of luck continues, and post vids if you can!

  6. Yay Super Tweed!!

  7. I am so glad Emmylou found a wonderful home to stay in. I thought about her all weekend. And, many many congrats to you and Tweed!

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