TWooday TWooie donates his day

To Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

Adopt a dog.  Save a life.


  1. I did, and I love my shelter mutt like I gave birth to him myself. Good reminder; tell Twooie thanks!

  2. That is one seriously sweet pic……♥

  3. Proud mom of seven rescued dogs…all competing and thriving in flyball, and five rescued cats, a rescued bunny and a rescued degu. Two pit bull fosters are here too…

    Super cute pic!

  4. that picture made me tear up a teensy bit. evil RDM!

  5. I got all quivery when I saw that puppy face. Great shot, FL, and congratulate TWooie for sharing :)

  6. Yep!

    Hoggle, Bailey and Cricket all appreciate our pack. And they all remind me of what really matters.

  7. Completely off topic, but I was just going through some of the archives and I stumbled upon this quote – in reference to the fact that you had listed the beautiful Miss Maeve for adoption.

    “Ten acres doesn’t equal ten dogs, and my 4th and last addition has got to be able to play with me for a long time.”

    Not that I blame you for adopting out Maeve – not in the least. It’s just funny that you were so adamant about the number of dogs you were going to have on hand. It’s funny how often the universe laughs at us when we make declarative statements about our future intentions.

    On behalf of Twooie and my own shelter babies I will be donating to the Washington Area Rescue League! Thanks for all you do, Food Lady!

  8. Also, that puppy would fit right in with the Brady Bunch pups from way back when. Adorbs.

  9. Patricia, Banny, Liam & Jake says:

    I have 2 rescue dogs, and that picture is a mirror of total contentment and sheer bliss. Awesome!!!

  10. clairesmum says:

    Have been rescued by three cats and two dogs from local shelters – and I got more than they did every time!
    YEAH for shelter staff who work so hard to nurture so many critters – and people!

  11. Thanks TWooie! I volunteer at my shelter and all shelter dogs appreciate your donation.


  12. Sweet picture! All my puppers and cats have come from shelters or rescues and have been blessings – even when I was blessing them. Thank you for all you do for dogs and now cats at the shelter.

  13. Love that shot. My rescue Cookie approves of TWooie’s generosity.
    : )

  14. Our house, Gizmo, Gus, and Boo (Multnomah County Shelter) AND Shay and Layla (Washington County Shelter) all say “Way to go, Twooie!”

  15. What a cutie! (And Twooie, it was very nice of you to be so considerate of other doggies.)

  16. I feel the same as Shasta. I had a dog (a shelter dog also) growing up, and while I loved her and enjoyed playing with her, nothing ever prepared me for how very, very much I love my dogs now, especially my Jack Russell. I can’t have kids, and my husband and I rescued him not long after we found that out. He has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and vice versa. He loves to cuddle, be pet, and sometimes I catch him looking at me with this look of pure love and trust that almost takes my breath away. He was abused by his previous owner (well, one of them- we were the fourth home he’d had in two weeks), but while he was a bit skittish about some things like feet, he has never displayed any aggression. When we brought him home, we told him, “This is your forever home. There’s nothing to fear here. We’re just going to love you.” And it’s like he understood us and believed us. He’s an independent dog in a lot of aspects- he’s a a Jack- but at the end of the day, all he wants is a warm bed and to cuddle with his Mom. I’m so very glad other dogs out there get the same happy ending our dogs did. (Our other dog is a Daddy’s Girl and they have a special bond all their own)

  17. Three shelter/rescue dogs here! Most recently, a senior Sheltie gentleman named Irwin — but I call him Winnie, or WinWin, or sometimes Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and it’s all fine with him ’cause he’s deaf as a post — who was turned in by owners to a kill shelter in Indiana and thank goodness pulled just in time by Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue. He’s 11 or 12. He’s a darling.

    My Dog Mike, a Finnish Lapphund (really!), came out of a shelter in Maryland where he’d been tossed by his ‘family’ and diagnosed with tick disease, heartworm and a UTI; he’s 12 now and you’ll never meet a sweeter dog; and Rowley the Border Collie came from the West Hancock IL shelter via Midwest Border Collie Rescue.

    A big shout-out to all those who do rescue work, be it transport, fostering, home visits, etc etc etc!

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