I don’t really want to be here

I’m having some trouble blogging these days.  I’ve got some stuff on my mind and whenever I try to blog, it all wants to crawl out of my fingertips and spew all over Wootube.  Ironically, most of that spew is about how much I am not enjoying blogging these days.  So you see the problem – basically, I’m blog blocking myself.

I was going to blog about these thoughts, but the problem is that blogging them invites exactly the kind of discussion that makes me not want to blog.  If you think I’m referring to your commentary, you’re probably right.  But not for the reasons you think – you see, it’s not that the crappy things you say bother me, because I don’t know you and therefore what you say is so much water off a duck’s back as far as it affects me in any way.  It’s more that you think you have the justification to be smug, judgmental and shitty, and I don’t feel good about providing you with a forum to do that in.  That’s why I delete you.

Wootube is supposed to be fun.  Hopefully interesting.  Nice to look at.  Sometimes a little sad, because my life’s not perfect and let’s face it – I’m blogging about some facets of my life here.  It’s not supposed to be a place for you to trot out your snotty commentary, especially if you aren’t going to have the nutsack to put your life out there and let the universe give it back to you the way you like to give it out.

So rather than invite a shitstorm of garbage, I’m just going to post some random facts (and some random photos, because it wouldn’t be Wootube without photos and that’s why most of you are here, right?).  I’ve also disabled comments on this post, because I don’t really care what anyone feels about what I’m posting.  I just want to post it and unblog block this blog.   Then maybe I can back to the business of blogging.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

You know very little about me – you only know what I choose to tell you.  And I choose to tell you just a little bit.  You might feel like you know me, and you might even feel like we’re friends.   But we’re not friends, so unless I invite your criticism, I’m not really interested in it.  It’s my blog, and I can ignore you if I want to.

Balls are not the be-all, end-all of everything.

I know Dexter still has testicles, so telling me that is kind of superfluous.  So is pointing out that I’m a rescuer – I know that, it kinda consumes almost every waking hour of my free time, and has for close to 20 years now.  I am a rescuer, and I have a dog that still has his nuts (or at least allegedly; nobody’s been able to locate them yet).  There’s really no need to tell me stuff I already know.  Because it doesn’t mean anything.  One day, on a day of my choosing, because he’s my dog and it’s my life, he won’t have his nuts anymore, and nothing in the universe is going to undergo a fundamental shift as a result.  Seriously.

There are a lot of dogs in The Food Lady’s home.  Sometimes they are assholes to one another.

Such is life with a largish pack of dogs who are emotionally tied to one another, and the person who manages them all.  The more personalities you put in a room, the more disagreement you are bound to have.  Six dogs is not my ideal number, and probably I wouldn’t have this many again.  But maybe I will too.  You don’t live with them, so it shouldn’t matter to you.

Mostly they get along just fine.

TWooie and Dexter don’t like each other because they are TWooie and Dexter.  It’s really THAT SIMPLE.

I listed Spring for adoption.  But it’s okay if you tell me off for that, because it helps me to believe that keeping her is a remote possibility ;-)

I went through a rough patch.  

Lost my job in the middle of a recession.  Had some trouble finding a new one.  Made ends meet in creative ways, and with the help from some generous souls.  Finally got a new job, and I love it, and I’m good at it (even if your stupid humane society wouldn’t adopt a cat to me).  Things are getting better for me now.  That’s the final word on the subject as far as I am concerned, and as far as you are concerned. Capiche?

Mr. Woo somehow always tries to steal Tweed’s thunder.

What an asshole.

I love most of you, and I am happy to provide you with fun photos and commentary and the occasional tell-all style post.  I don’t care if you don’t agree with everything I do and I don’t even mind when you disagree, mostly (although I still don’t think I’m Horrible).  But before you post a comment or send an email, you should really think about whether or not you actually have something to say, or if you’re just being a shit because I provided you an opportunity to be shitty and you couldn’t resist it.

If you can’t resist, I will probably just delete you.  But I might send these after you too.

Enjoy your weekend.  TWoosday will be here before you know it.