Heavy Metal Kittens

How much do I love my job?  I’m surrounded by adorable critters AND I get to photograph them whenever I want.

Today was Kitteh Photo Shoot Day.

The Heavy Metal Kittens:

You may remember Nickel from such photos as posing for a nap with Spring.

And this is her BFF Copper.

And this is their teeny tiny sidekick, Diamond.

None of them are related, but they all came in around the same time so we bonded them as family.  Endless source of amusement.

And since I was on a naming kick, I re-monikered these two little bundles of adorableness.

This Is Jack (White).

And his sister-wife, Meg White.

Together they make up the musical stylings of The White Stripe Kittens.

And today we are all Siamese.  This is Karaoke.  Actually, her name is Koroko or something, but she’s Karaoke to me.  It goes with the musical theme better.

And this is Agent Mulder, who is almost a kitten since he’s just around a year old.

Looking for a kitten or two?  Come on down to the DNV Animal Welfare Shelter and adopt some of these cutie-patooties!


  1. You must be one talented lady to get such great portraits of cats! The one of the White Stripe kittens is FANTASTIC!

  2. What awesome pictures! Are they all as comfy with dogs as Nickel is?

  3. Oh my gosh! What wonderful kitten pictures! How do you get them to stay still enough to photograph?!

    Copper looks like our Ivan, with that plush black fur and orange eyes. And I love the Whites, especially that photo of the two of them together! Anyone would be nuts not to adopt them!

  4. I’m stilllll waiting for them to go up for adoption officially. Stopping in tomorrow again to visit nickel.

  5. OMG, I want Mulder. I want him so bad! But I’m in Texas and I do NOT need another cat. Do not need!

  6. Christine says:

    I’m totally going to end up a crazy old cat lady in spite of my love of dogs… when people ask me if I’m a cat or a dog person I say “I’m an animal person” so adorable

  7. Ok I’m not a cat person at all but I totally would take Jack(White), is it inappropriate to say GIMMY, GIMMY, GIMMY !!!!

  8. Fantastic pictures of the kittens. I DO NOT WANT another cat but I could gobble up Jack & Meg White. The picture of them together is wonderful. You are lucky to be able to take pictures when you want to and the shelter is lucky to have you there to get such great pictures.

  9. Wow. You should put some kitty (and other non-dog critters) portraits on the Big Air site. Anyone who follows this blog knows you take great photos of any animal, but the Big Air site makes one think you only do dogs. I hope one day you can do a photo shoot tour of the States!

  10. “Squeeeeeeee!!!!!”

  11. clairesmum says:

    oh my! sure wish there was a way to get a couple of these cutie pies across to Boston Massachusetts. they are lovely – and the photos are magnificent, FL. You must have Dr Doolittle type skills to have animals pose so well for you.

  12. *sigh* Such lovely kitties. It’s really too bad that Monty thinks cats are either a nutritional supplement, or evil monsters from space, otherwise I would have a kitty.

  13. Want The White Stripe Kittens. Dog, three cats, bird.. foster dog, nephew dog… we can take two more cats in right? ZoMDOG… want. Must find local home for them so I have visitation rights.

  14. Hi Food Lady, I know you’re not an advice columnist, but I thought I’d see if you had any thoughts for how to introduce a new kitten/cat to a household that already has a cat. We have a cat that we recently adopted and we are considering adopting another one (in Denver, so we can’t come visit your shelter!) but I wasn’t sure how to figure out if the current kitty would get along with, or like having, a new kitty. I’ve never had more than one cat at once so I’m not sure if there are any protocols. We haven’t even gone to the shelter here yet (we’re still in the maybe its a good idea phase).

  15. Jack White is the prettyest cat that I have ever seen. he is a stunner

  16. Jack and Meg are beautiful. I especially like Meg.

  17. Diamond is stunning. I hope he (or she) will soon be a girl’s (or a guy’s) best friend.

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