Good Dexter / Evil Dexter

What a great day!  We had lots of fun at the trial – we got to see Dexter’s sister Ginny and their brother Sagan too, as Sagan’s mum and dad were judges at the trial.

Our first run of the day was Starter’s Gamblers.  Dexter needed this one to move up to Advanced Gamblers, and he got it!  A Q and a 2nd place … we don’t mind coming in second to his brother Sagan at all :)  But we would have been first if Dexter had not decided that he didn’t feel like doing pinwheels either time in the mini, as we were just a few points behind Sagan.

Our next run was Starter’s Standard, the first one Dex has ever done.  It’s actually difficult for us to do these Starter’s courses because we are in a Master’s Level agility class, so the courses are tighter and tougher.  Wide open space for a dog with Dex’s extension is pretty tough (and his bad handler has not worked enough on collection).

We Q’d this too, with a second place.  We were less than a second behind the first place dog, and again if it weren’t for a minor error that cost us a couple of seconds, we would have been first.  He missed his weave entry and we had to go back for it.  But I’m not bummed – I am super proud of my baby dog!

In the middle of the trial right about here, Tweed fell down the bleacher stairs backwards :(  My poor old man just is not as agile as he used to be.  But he made a stellar come back by going on to Q (with a 1st place, and a good 10 seconds faster than the other dogs in his height class) Masters Standard!  That’s my super old man!  No video, but here’s a bonus photo for you to virtually scritch him under the chin.

Then, at the end of the day, Dexter left his brain in the truck I guess.  This was Starter’s Jumpers, which started out with Dexter breaking his start line stay for the first time ever in his life … and this kind of set the tone for the whole run.  I could tell he was running hell bent for leather, and he wasn’t at all interested in going where I asked him to, which became very apparent when he locked onto the wrong tunnel mouth and bypassed the tire in order to bypass me!  And then he tried to take the spread jump BACKWARDS!  At least he’s fearless :)

I had so much fun running my D-Mo Doggie.  He’s just a blast.  We just need to iron out some few small things, but that’s the fun of training a new dog after all.  And he didn’t lick any weave poles!



  1. Yay! Video! Though it made the cat jump. :-)

    Poor Dex, the day just got to him! I’ll bet he would’ve made that spread too! He looks like a lot of fun to run, smokin’ in fact!

  2. I’m glad you had a good day! So sorry to hear about Tweed. As an owner of senior dogs, I totally understand this. Cherish every run with him as my little guy can no longer do agility. :(

    As an agility instructor, I will comment on your last video, which you said you are least proud of. Look where your body is pointing when he goes off course. ;) You did not execute your front cross fast enough or close enough to cue the tire since it was not in a straight line. I love reviewing videos and seeing things like this. :)

    And as a not often commentor, I love your blog for the stories and photos and am utterly jealous of your freedom with dogs. I’d have another, young dog if I wasn’t married, though it would probably still not be a good idea.

  3. The Food Lady says:

    Believe me, I already know this! But when he came out of the tunnel, he dropped his head and looked past me at the wrong tunnel mouth and I thought “okay, hold your cross and square up to him; he’ll decelerate and come to you, then you can turn him” (but imagine that thought without spaces in it, because it happened REALLYFAST). And then I thought he was taking the tire – watch again, he actually lifts his front feet off the ground – so I started to turn (thought he was committed) and WHOOSH, pulled him right past the tire. And he *still* tried to go to the wrong tunnel mouth.

    Most people false reared the correct tunnel mouth successfully (and some did not – their dogs pulled off at the mouth in the rear cross) but I know my dog, and I know that if I had not attempted a cross, he would have shot past me into the wrong tunnel mouth. He doesn’t “pull” very well yet. And one dog later, in fact, his brother did exactly that. Must run in the family or something ;-)

    Anyway, it’s all a learning experience. He’s trying very hard to figure out what I want, and I’m trying to figure out where he’s going to be in relation to me. Tweed is so different – little stubby legs pumping away – and I know almost always where he’s going to be and where I need to be. But Dex just has this enormous ground-eating stride and he just keeps. getting. faster and I’m constantly struggling to keep up! I’m not bothered though, we’re still pretty brand new to one another, and this is what, his second trial? We’ll get it together. I have a new, longer, faster pair of legs on backorder ;-)

  4. Ha Ha! “Look at where your feet are pointing” I hear that so often from my instructor that as soon as I hear her voice I look down at my feet before she has gotten two words out of her mouth. Impressive runs for a youngster. Your back order of longer, faster legs had better come in soon before Dexter’s do. Congratulations to you both!

  5. Great videos…my two dogs enjoyed them too. Especially the first one! :)

    I love Dex. What an athlete!

  6. Wow; Tweed suffered an embarrassing and probably uncomfortable pratfall and STILL went on to win his class?!? Dexter has some big shoes to fill, and a great role model. (-:

  7. You can *order* those?? Well gee, clue me in! lol

  8. Wow, the distance work you’ve got with Dexter is awesome. I envies it!

  9. Dexter is a zippy dog! Hope Tweed is okay. My bc is 11 this year and I notice his body is a little behind his brain. Of course, I’m 55 and I’ve been dealing with the brain/body synch issue for awhile…

  10. I have a new, longer, faster pair of legs on backorder ;-)

    Seriously, what is this magic? I could use some of those, too! Congratulations to Dex and Food Lady on the Q’s, and virtual chin scritches to Tweed.

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