Aww, gee, thanks

Today instead of feeling like this:

I feel a lot more like this:

Thanks guys!  I’m officially unblog-blocked.  I appreciate all the nice comments, and the dozens – and I do mean dozens – of emails you sent.  It makes me feel loads better.  I wish I could answer all of you, but there’s no way I have that kind of free time.  So please accept my gratitude.  I’m feelin’ the love!

That doesn’t mean you’re getting much of a post today though ;-P  Today is Chore Day and I’ve spent the last 4 hours cleaning hen houses and tidying up the farm and stripping my raised beds of all the dying plants.  Delightfully my cucumbers were still trying to produce cukes for me, even though the plants themselves were almost dead, and I pulled another dozen or so cucumbers off them.  They mostly look like balloon animals, fat at one end and skinny at the other, or just like teardrops.  I’ve tossed most of them into the bucket with the apples that are thundering off the tree, so the chickens will have lots of delightful snacks.  And speaking of apples, I have loads still on the tree so if anyone wants to come over and pick apples, and bake me a pie or something, just let me know ;-)

Between shoveling up piles of woodchips to tame the mud in the chicken coops, we played some frisbee.

Even Springaling is getting the hang of it, sort of.

And we hunted some wabbits.

And some of us just lay around looking as freakin’ adorable as possible.  I *heart* my old man dog so very much :)

But there are still lots of chores to finish and errands to run, so I can’t be futzing around on the computer for much longer.

However, this weekend we will be doing some of this:

And by “this” I DON’T mean licking the weave poles with an obscenely long tongue!  And hopefully he will be looking forward and not at me … but Dex is entered in his third ever trial on Saturday.  So while I am kind of ripping you off with this shorty post, I will have video to post for you on the weekend, and that will make up for it :)

Spring hopes this will tide you over.  Or else.

Talk soon!


  1. I didn’t post or email you but I’m so glad you’re ignoring the shitty people and are back to blogging. I look forward to your witty posts and pictures and stories about your dogs…neutered or intact or however many of them you have.

  2. Susan Bassett says:

    I asked Gerhard to let you know how very much WooTube brightens my day!!!!!

  3. That tongue shot may give me nightmares.

  4. Longest. Tongue. EVAR!! I bet Dexter gives good nose kisses – the kind that really get all up in there, you know?

    Great picture of Tweed. What a sweetheart!

  5. Seriously – there’s nothing cuter than Tweed!
    And that tongue is sooooo off the hook!!!!

  6. I love the Spring picture, as always. And that tongue on Dexter scares me. Seriously. He could lick your face, stick that up your nose, and hook your brain out for a yummy snack.

  7. Yes, Tweed is the mostest adorablest boy ever!

    Why does the photo of Dexter’s tongue remind me of Gene Simmons? Oh, yeah – black and white face, obscenely long tongue. However, I’m much more fond of Dexter than Kiss. Anyone else see the resemblance? Oh am I just old…

    Glad your spirits are up, FL!

  8. Welcome back, Food Lady!

  9. Off to take my girlz for a run and there will be an added SPRING in my step knowing that you feel better and are back to sharing your cast of characters, insights and incredible wit to the nth degree with all of us WooTube addicts! Recepción detrás, Food Lady!

  10. I wanted to respect your space after the last post but I am also so glad you are back. Your blog lifts my spirits and brightens my day. I get so excited when a new entry pops up! Don’t let the bastards get you down!

  11. Springaling!

    That tongue is frightening. Whoa.

  12. Yyeeaahh you’re back!!! Dexter’s tongue is too funny and Tweed is handsome as always. Spring looks like my Ziva (my very tiny, very smooth coated Border Collie.) Good luck this weekend!!! I have both my Border Collie monsters entered in a Rally Obedience trial next weekend. Which means I really need to work them (and exercise them) this week. Whooo hoo! You’re back.

  13. Yay! Tongue!

    Mr. Tweed is awfully sweet and fuzzy cute. Spring is wicked impish cute. Wicked is just my speed.

    And speaking of wicked, where was Ms. Piper??

  14. Unless I mistook her for Dexter from the back. (How embarassing.)

  15. Seriously, you should stop worry about his nonexistent balls and have something done about that tongue, it’s weird, like really freaky…..

  16. rosali(ta) says:

    slightly OT but because I know you have a soft spot for red dogs:

    Welcome back!

  17. rosali(ta) says:

    here’s the trailer:

  18. So glad you’re back!

  19. Okay, that tongue just ain’t right…

    Good to see you back!

  20. I knew Spring was small – but not really how small until I saw the pix with her and Mr. Orange. Or is Mr. Orange just obscenely large?

  21. Put me down as another one who finds that tongue of Dexter’s quite unsettling. Gah!

    Also re: Dexter, can you please describe ‘hugs and kisses’ as referenced in the FAQ, because I believe I also have a hugging Border Collie, and I want to know if this is SOP for the breed.

    Rowley likes to stand up on his back legs and embrace the person with his forelegs, giving them a gentle hug and sometimes — if he really likes them — pressing his sternum into them. He never does any grinding, he’s not that kinda guy, and he generally finishes by reaching up and managing to poke his nose into the eye of the person he’s hugging. He has had this behavior since I adopted him. I have not succeeded in stopping it, mostly because I think it’s hilarious and my friends who don’t want hugs know how to prevent it (they say ‘off, Rowley!’ pre-emptively before he initiates launch sequence and then they ask for his paw to shake, and that contact seems to satisfy him).

    So, are BCs normally huggers, and is that similar to Dexter’s hugs and kisses?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  22. Just get Dexter a spiked collar, and his Gene Simmons Halloween costume will be all set!

  23. kathy ferguson says:

    I love your blog and admire your passion and commitment to your own dogs and your fosters. You are awesome, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Like Laurel said – don’t let the bastards get you down. F*** ’em. Food Lady Rocks!

  24. Glad to hear you’re back and feeling on top, FL, and I’m looking forward to Dex’s run!

  25. Yay!! Good for you for continuing to put your dogs and yourself first, never listen to idiots, they are simply jealous you have the courage to live the life you do. ;-) Have fun in the trial!!!

  26. Has Dexter ever tripped over his tongue doing agility? Looking forward to the video of today’s trial. It was a treat to find you back today and in good spirits!

  27. Tweed is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. I doubt anyone appreciates his status as your “old man dog”, especially not Tweed himself, but he gets more beautiful as time passes. Is he getting any, uh, sharper? If not, there’s still lots to be said for a beautiful face.

  28. FWIW (as little as I know) I think you’re a very smart, funny, talented person with a wonderful family of dogs and cats who you couldn’t take better care of and who appear to live in harmony compared to my house (two dogs, two cats, and only the dogs don’t hate each other). Also you help so many animals in need of homes. The view inside your lives I get from this blog makes my day/week/month. Thanks so much for what you share.

    I HATE CONCERN TROLLS but love dogs with balls. Hah.

  29. Any truth to the rumor that Gene Simmons got the whole tongue idea from Dexter?

  30. People who aren’t walking in your shoes should never presume to judge.

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