Pony Up!

As I mentioned in my previous entry, yesterday I got to go play with some ponies!  And as you requested, here are a few shots.

This handsome fellow is Magnum.

He belongs to The Sadist.  When I met Magnum, he shoved me into a table and demanded apple cookies. He kind of reminds of The Sadist – pushy, impatient and no sense of personal space ;-)

They call him “The Big Comfy Couch” because Magnum is a bit, erm, portly … and kinda lazy.

I was going to take him for a spin, but it’s been probably a year or more since I’ve been on a horse, and I didn’t want to show up for agility class an hour later all weak legged and unable to walk!  Especially not as I had to run Dexter, and require 100% leg strength for that!

Maybe next time, Magnum!

This ornery dude is Rio.  He belongs to the Sadist’s wife.  He didn’t care for me too much, but I didn’t take it personally as apparently he doesn’t care for pretty well anybody.

Even a horse novice like me can see that Rio moves real nice though … just don’t turn your back on him.

Linda was nice enough to stand between me and Rio with a lunge whip, so as to prevent him from turning me into Food Lady Soup :)

Anyhoo, there’s your pony photos, as promised.  I’m looking forward to taking more in the future; it’s like a new challenge, as horses don’t move the same as dogs and are more difficult for me to anticipate.  It’s fun!

Happy long weekend, everyone!

Are they just really big tennis balls?


  1. Magnum is gorgeous! Look at those dapples! And there’s nothing wrong with a big comfy couch. My horse is kind of like a nuclear missile with a saddle strapped to it, so I’m kinda jealous of the BCC (Big Comfy Couch).

  2. FL, have you named your handsome, albeit parrot-mouthed red Craigslist find yet? Overbite or no, he’s a cutie.

  3. Janice in GA says:

    Beautiful dappling on Magnum! I want to ride a horse again before I die. :)

  4. Is Woo holding new red puppy’s leash?

  5. Magnum is gorgeous!

  6. What is Rio doing in that last picture? What a hoot!

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