It’s TWoosday again!

Try not to piss off any gangsters today.


  1. Twoosday is now my favorite day of the week!

    Great pics.

  2. Wow!!! wonder what Mr Orange just said? great picture,and Twooie’s flamboyance is rather impressive, methinks.

  3. Susan Bassett says:

    Twoosdays cheer me up!!!

  4. Yay for TWoosday!

  5. Daaaang…that’s some flamboyant…er, flamboyance Twoo’s got there, all unfurled and everything.

  6. I’m just thinking and I want you to read everything before you say no, but in times of great upheaval like for example nowadays, just saying, people made changes and sometimes they made changes to the name of things like, just an example, days of the week. And for example considering that you have already given the first step with Twoosday, maybe Wednesday might become Woodnesday, maybe Sunday might become Springday and Mondays might become Pipperday (mad teeth are very appropriate on Mondays, oops, Pipperday), Thursday Tweedsdays or so and finally Fridays Dexterday, because he’s awesome and it’s an awesome day.

    Unfortunately we don’t have Saturday but we can fill it out with one of the cats maybe.

    Thanks for the photos they are terrific and Twoo looks very happy even though I’m not so sure about Mr Orange. LOL

    Best wishes. :o)

  7. Hahaha I love Olga’s idea =) And Twoo’s Flambe is looking quite nice these days! Mr. Orange looks a little peeved though lol.

  8. Love Olga’s idea! And Saturday can just be Caturday, wherein any one (or more) of you luscious felines can be featured!!! I am still particular to Donut.

  9. StupidSmartDogs says:

    *Swoons* loving the Flambe TWooie!

  10. Point taken. I may print that picture and show it to Skye every day to help her learn to respect the kitties.

  11. TWoosdays rule, even if I only got to it on Thursday :)
    Mr Orange remarks, “Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.”

  12. We trekked up to Salt Spring Island last week (from Colorado) and while we were waiting for the ferry somewhere – at least I think that’s where I saw it – there was a license plate for Dr. Twoo. I desperately wanted to take a picture to send to you but for reasons I don’t remember now (vacation mush brain) we didn’t have the camera or any phones with us. Thinking of Mr. Woo and Dr. Twoo made me smile! Of course, I was also on vacation on lovely Salt Spring Island, so that made me smile as well…

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