1. thanks, Twoo – I needed a loud wakeup call this morning!

  2. Chance's Mom says:

    I love Twoosdays!! Thank you!

    If I may hijack your blog for a moment… Sad to report that dog stealing is alive and well in the Seattle area. A Siberian Husky was snatched out of its yard in Marysville last week — the twist is the theft was partially caught on the neighbor’s surveillance cameras. The attached link has a video and photos. If anyone recognizes this dog or this person, please contact the Marysville police at 360-363-8300. Let’s hope she gets home safely soon. (end of hijack, thanks!)


  3. Hoooray for Twoosday!

    Look how svelte our boy is! Good job, Twooie!

  4. Chance’s Mom – any update on that dognapping? That’s an awfully clear picture of both the woman and the van. Surely someone must have recognized her?

  5. Chance's Mom says:

    Sally — you would think so, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, I have not heard that the dog has been returned or the thief caught. I have seen this story getting a lot of press so eventually someone has to recognize this person and do the right thing and turn her in.

  6. check out that flambe!

  7. Catherine - Chance's au says:

    From the news web site: 1rdsman said on October 2, 2011 at 12:22 AMI am the owner of the Siberian Husky. This is what I know. The suspect has contacted a lawyer to help her surrender on Monday morning. This group still wants us to let someone they have in mind adopt our dog. This goup wants us not to press charges. This group says the dog is safe. Can you guess what my wife and I are thinking. It’s all still hear say or as they say on TV alleged. News has to confirm before reporting. Ron Smith

    grrrr. I’ve edited out my comments here… I wouldn’t add anything you aren’t already thinking.

  8. Catherine says:

    Dog Returned, injured:

    Owner in the comments says:

    We got Takoda back home this morning at about 10:00 am. Takoda has an injury to her face and nose and a big knot on her face. It looks as if she was abused . She was shaking and scared to death. I will be taking her to the Vet today and get her checked out and her hear checked because the shock can cause sinus rythym. Thank all of you for yor help and support., It’s not over yet, now we are giong to get that B!$%# and her partners in crime , this was a conspiracy, if all charges stick she could get 10 years in prison, and that’s not long enough. Ron Smith

  9. Chance's Mom says:

    And finally the awful woman has been arrested!


    She was booked for theft, criminal trespass and animal cruelty — let’s hope they don’t go easy on her!

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