Head Shot Wednesday

So last week, The Food Lady’s computer went kaput, which is why there was no post for ya’ll.  It was at the computer hospital being turned into a new, faster computer that, you know, works.

And speaking of work, I did 5 days of that, so no time for posting then either.  And then today the computer had to go BACK to the computer hospital to pick up some stuff that didn’t make it over in the data transfer (and then the old hard drive died, so just in time!).

And so here we are, on Wednesday, and all I have for you are some head shots of the dogs this morning to pass as a post.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone that I’m coasting ;-)

If you shot Dexter in the head, he’d probably still be happy.  He’s that kind of dog.

Tweed’s brains are leaking slowly out of his eyes.

Piper lost her brains long ago.

The WooTWoo are oneheadsamehead

Okay, not really.

But kind of.

Spring is still with us.

Quinn didn’t get a head shot, because he’s leaving for his new forever home tomorrow.  Yay!

And not a moment too soon, as with 7 dogs here, I’m a little tired of my life looking like this:

Are you still posting?

You’re right Orange, it’s time for us to go.  There are blackberries to pick!


  1. Working?? What’s that?? lol

    Mr. Orange is looking decidedly slimmer. All that walking!

    I am *not* commenting on the continued presence of loverly Spring. *Not*. (Must not further provoke The Food Lady!)

  2. um, mystery woman. says:

    Um, you and crew are just so darn cute! Specially that little fat red one ;)

  3. I love the chaotic group picture.

    Also, I’m chuckling at Spring’s blackberry eating skillz. My dear departed Midnight discovered the delight of raspberries when Mom picked a berry off the cane and handed it to him in the garden one day. Then he learned to help himself, and Mom had no more raspberries.

    Toodles to Quinn! I wish you a happy life in your forever home.

  4. My Alfie is a blackberry-loving fool too. Berries 2 feet and lower on the bush are picked off every summer.

  5. We would like to bring your attention to the German story of Max und Moritz. You tell me if you see any similarities…


  6. The Food Lady says:

    ZOMG Linda! That’s eerie!!! AGH!!!!!!!!

  7. delightful head shots. i can imagine the sound track that would accompany the group chaos shot if it were a video clip!

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