Happy TWoosday!!


  1. I’m enjoying the new TWoosday tradition, FL! He looks great for “a horrible, awful, garburator set of walking jaws attached to a fluffy, chubby body.” That’s our guy!

  2. Twooie the Rastafarian – “don’t worry – be happy.”

  3. Looks like he’s just been digging up something, and is pretty happy about it:)

    Speaking of happy, I was thrilled to see that Phineas was successfully captured a few weeks ago at the Mission Landfill, Yay!
    (Sorry if you’ve already posted about that, and I missed it)

  4. Hooray for Twoosday!! I love that little villain.
    : )

  5. Who wouldn’t be having a good day, after seeing that happy dog face? ;)

  6. Love the Twoo.

  7. clairesmum says:

    Looking good, Mr. Twoo!

  8. I love Twoosdays, but I’d really love to get a few Woodnesday as well…

  9. StupidSmartDogs says:

    You put spring up for adoption? D:

  10. Does Twooie remind anyone of a sniggering Muttley from Wacky Races?

  11. I love Twoosdays! But I would like to declare an official name change from ‘Monday’ to ‘Tweedsday’ because I REALLY love the Tweed man.

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