Where’s The Food Lady?

A friend just posted this to Facebook.  She’s at an ASCA trial in the US, where she found both The Sadist, and Dexter on an NTI Global tunnel bag.  She asked where’s The Food Lady if both Dex and the Sadist are here?  ha ha!

Dex and the Sadist



  1. Ha. That’s a good one!

  2. Susan Bassett says:

    omg! that was the trial at my house!! didn’t know they were your friends!! Julie brought Pip, too!
    Susan Bassett

  3. clairesmum says:

    gee, the sadist looks friendly enough!

  4. i love that the sadist is willing to get on his knees in the dirt for a photo op with dex. that is one good man! (of course being into aussies doesn’t bias my opinion at all…)

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