What You See …

Awwww, lookit all them cutie doggies lined up in a row.  So precious and happy.

What you don’t see (.712 seconds later)


What you see …

Oh, hee hee, so cute.  Dog catching a ball, all close up.

What you don’t see …

… big bruise on the Food Lady’s eyebrow bone from where Piper’s big face smashed the camera into my face.

Ha ha ha!  She got you good!

Gosh, if only TWooie were a happy dog, huh?

He’s almost as happy as Grace the Schnoodle, whom I was photographing last weekend.

It’s too hot to be witty – not that I am complaining, because I like the hot.  It’s great for napping on the lawn (I did that yesterday; the neighbours probably thought I was a homeless person, because I mean I literally lay down in the middle of the lawn, on the grass, and fell asleep).  But it’s not so great for dogs who overheat, so we have been doing several real short sessions of exercise instead of a couple of big ones.

Only puppies want to jump around in his heat (can I still call Dexter a puppy now that he’s 2?)

Spring is definitely still all puppy.  And I have put some toy drive on her, at last.  Think she’s getting it?

I took up a new hobby … juggling.  I can juggle a ball, a plant and a puppy all at once now.

Kidding, kidding.

Woo got air exactly ONE time.  Just the one, and then he went and lay under the truck, so you know it’s hot out.

Miss Piper couldn’t be bothered.

But I’d really like my toy back.  I’ll just sit here until it arrives.

I don’t really have anything to say today … except that I love my Piper dog, she is just so pretty.

In a couple of months, she will be 9 years old.  I can’t even believe it.

She’s lookin’ mighty fine for nine!  Mmmm hmmm.

What a perv.  Really gotta go in there and take those testicles out soon.

I think it might be time for another lawn nap.  I hope you’re all out enjoying the nice weather!

Can *I* rip out Dexter’s testicles?  And maybe his jugular vein too?


  1. Evie Douglas says:

    Good one this week Food Lady! Sorry about your nose bonk, but the pic sure gave me a giggle.

  2. Love the juggling photo!! That Spring is one adorable girlie, good thing she’s on the other side of the land mass.

  3. Wow. Just wow. Your photos are fantastic!
    I *so* look forward to your posts.

  4. Andrea Denton says:

    I luv your blogs. I have 5 dogs and right now we are in a hotel getting ready for a 3 day agility trial. It makes my night everytime I read a new blog. <3 And you have me taking sport shots with a fancy camera! lol

  5. ha1 Love the pic of Spring with the ball and one flower in the air!

  6. clairesmum says:

    wow, great photos of big air! and piper is gorgeous. looks like everyone had fun, even with the heat. FL – the dogs were probably quite proud of you napping stretched out on the grass, just like one of the pack! as long as you don’t lose your ability with door knobs and can openers and car keys, that is!

  7. I am so in awe of your mad photography skillz

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the juggling picture. Seriously, that is awesome! It should be an ad for something. Or something. :)

  9. Those are some amazing photos! Whatever the effects were on the Piper photo are absolutely perfect.

    Soooo, is it going to be officially announced? You keeping Spring that is?

  10. Ha Adrienne you beat me to it!

    Seeing as though Spring is in the family picture I am thinking Spring is HOME now? ;)

  11. Joanie-Leigh says:

    Hi Grace! thanks sheena.. she does look happy.. psssst.. she is a Spoodle. no Schnauzer to be seen. all cocker/poodle. ;-)

  12. The Food Lady says:

    Oops! All these years when you said Spoodle I thought you said Schnoodle … growing up, poodles X cockers were always cockapoos, so I guess I never thought of them as Spoodles. My bad!

  13. StupidSmartDogs says:

    Food Lady, Why so good at photography? No you’ve got me in on it. I started with a cheaper camera (FujiFilm FinePix S1600) But I am loving photographing my dogs, and other peoples dogs.

    Thanks for making me develope an obsession. Lol

    Lovely shots as usual. I wish you would keep springy Spring I love her <3

    Thanks for making my day with yet another blog,

    Tatum with Lucy & Dirk The Great Danes <3

  14. Amazing vertical leaps from your younger doggies! I bet Woo is jealous.

  15. I never get sick of seeing those action shots! Also, I’ve been making daily threats at Sinatra that I’m going to find a rubber band and neuter him myself. If you want, I can do a 2 for 1… though I’m not sure Dexter will ever be able to walk again, let alone jump 10 feet in the air…

  16. Fantastic photos, I love the close ups and the ones with the dogs jumping. Dexter surely jumps high. Woo looks extremely goofy. LOL And even Twooie looks cute and very, very happy.

    Thanks for sharing the photos they are fantastic. :o)

    Best wishes.

  17. Wow…great shots!

  18. I know you keep saying it but Dexter is HUGE! He dwarfs the other dogs in the group picture – which by the way is great. I notice you didn’t label it “Family Dog x” so maybe Spring hasn’t made the cut yet. :-) Enjoyed the post as always.

  19. Andrea/Schnitzie says:

    Of all the pix in this post, the ones of Happy Twooie make me smile the most. The two of him belly-up, smiling in the grass = Twooie FTW. =:-)

  20. I love how Spring is sticking her tongue out at Dexter during his “big air” picture. And Piper IS pretty. She and Dexter have always been my two…not favorites exactly, but…you know. However, Spring is now giving them serious competition. I notice how you slyly never answer any question about Spring’s status. I know a lot of people put pressure on you to keep one dog or another. Spring seems to just fit in so well, it’s like she’s always been there. At least to us readers!

  21. I agree with Lara–Spring sounds like she’s home, FL….but Dex still has a huge chunk of my heart. And Piper and her sturdy little stance and Queen B attitude? A delight. Even Woo and the half-cocked ear gets me way down deep. And Tweed, well, I love me some old man dog. And finally TWoo…FL, you have done a wonderful thing. Once again, thank you, THANK YOU! for sharing all of this with us. I’ve been away for a week and was delighted to see multiple posts that I’d missed :)

  22. Catherine says:

    The photos in this post are SO amazing….I am nominating the first group shot and any of the airborne Spring shot for the 2012 calendar, if you’re doing one. :-)


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