Marley and Me – The Puppy Years

You remember how last year Tweed, Piper and I were hired to be in a movie called Marley and Me – The Puppy Years?

The movie is now available (it’s a straight to video kinda thing) and you can watch it free, here.

I have not watched the whole thing, because talking animal movies SKEEVE ME THE *EFF* OUT!!  However, I did know what bits we were going to be in, so I found them for you.

You can see Piper and I doing an agility course at about 57:18 (and then shortly after that, you can see me HURL poor Mick into the pool, where he’s supposed to be doing some kind of Splash Dogs thing.  Ha ha ha!)

And then at about 76:13 you can see Tweed and Piper being *beyond* freakin’ adorable for a few seconds:

Man, I don’t need a blog to make my dogs famous – Woo’s been in a commercial and a tv show, Dexter is the face of NTI Global Agility Equipment, and now Tweed and Piper are movie stars!  This is great!  Legacy: my dogs haz it.

Sorry TWooie.



  1. Poor left out Twooie

  2. TwooieFan says:

    There was nothing about that link my computer liked. Actually shut itself down to prevent two Trojan viruses. Yikes. Really wanted to see it though!

  3. Cathy, Che and Jeepers says:

    Tried to register. They gave me a password then told me it wasn’t the right length. I decided to forgo.

  4. The Food Lady says:

    Huh. I don’t know why folks are having trouble viewing the video … I had no issues watching it online, required no password, and my virus checkers had no issue with the site either. Weird.

  5. They look the part in the photo anyway!

  6. Wow…watching that Kohl’s commercial I finally understand how teeny tiny Woo really is.

  7. You can watch online with no problems, but the links to download the movie want to install eMule and a bunch of plug ins. If you let it buffer first, it doesn’t keep pausing either.

  8. Wow, that’s not what I expected Piper’s voice to sound like.

    (Kidding aside, that’s very cool! Congratulations!)

  9. What??? Only 3rd place? You guys rocked the course!!! I can’t imagine why this movie just went straight to video — the acting better than most Keanu Reeves films….

  10. superstars, all around.
    they really are beyond adorable in that shot “huh? 3rd place?”

  11. Watched it no problemo–if it prompts for a username/password, ignore it and carry on. Great to see the hounds on camera. Admittedly, Piper “talking” was a little creepy. I agree, FL. But you have some super-talented hounds on your hands :) Must be because they have such a great trainer, eh? Cheers to you!

  12. Yay! I skipped most of the movie, too. Just watched the first few minutes, then skipped to the competition.
    And cried when the min pin got his boy…..

    I’m amused that Piper and Tweed are supposed to be “under 1 year old”. Also, how can anyone be a “reigning champion” or “back next year” if the puppies have to be under a year old????

    I “recognized” Piper and Tweed and Billy…..and all were adorable. :)

  13. Poor, poor Twooie. He looks so sweet and innocent in that last photo! ;)

  14. Wow, congratulations on the big screen gig! I’ve seen TV production first hand so I know how many hours it takes to get a few seconds of good footage. You all were champs and of course the Border Collies are always #1. That was really more preposterous than the animals talking. No way a BC team would come in third. :c)

    Great work, I’m glad you and the dogs are getting national recognition.

  15. Ok…totally NOT Piper’s voice…did they not see her MadTeeth(tm)??????

    After not wanting to sign up…I tried again…that got me in, but the damned video kept hanging every 5 seconds…it literally just took me 30 minutes to watch your two parts!

    Nice satin jacket…did they let you keep that? ;-)

    also a very nice stereotype on the Aussies…because all people from Australia dress like a cross between the Crocodile Hunter and Crocodile Dundee…it’s true.

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