Happy 2nd Birthday Dexter!

Today Dexter “Long Stride” Morgan and his brothers and sisters are 2 years old!

No real post today, as I have to go to work, but can you believe my handsome puppy dog is all growed up now??

Happy Birthday, Big Fella.  Love you!


  1. There was a time when it was greatly lamented that Dexter would not have “uppy” ears… I see that the tape and binding has helped somewhat! LOL! Happy B Day Dexter!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dexter! You’re amazing! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Handsome!

  4. Wow, how did the second year speed by so fast?

  5. Happy Birthday, Dexter!! give him lots of hugs and kisses from all his fans online. And treats ;)

    Best wishes for you and all the gang. :o)

  6. Happy Birthday, Dexter! (I can’t believe where that second year went either).

    Sending ear scritches from Scotland!

  7. Happy Birthday, Dexter Morgan! He’s one amazing hound, FL–I’m sure you’re feeling (as Newfoundlanders would say), “some proud.”

  8. Dexter has a namesake!! And he is very handsome too http://www.dailypuppy.com/puppies/dexter-the-miniature-australian-shepherd_2011-08-24
    Only a puppy right now and he looks kinda like Woo, but really cute puppy.

    I’m sure he would enjoy playing with him.

    Best wishes. :o)

  9. Just look at those ears. Magnificent!

  10. Happy birthday Giraffe dog!!

  11. Aislinn, Glenn, Coop and Joon says:

    Happy BDay Dex. You are an awesome dog. Though I do remember your Human Mum cursing you and your wiley ways. Goes to show you how trainable humans are…
    May you run strong and wisely, esp through those damned weave poles.
    Vive la Dexter! Vive!

  12. Happy birthday, Dex! May you enjoy many more.

  13. clairesmum says:

    Happy Birthday, Dexter! Thanks to you and your pack, and the Food Lady, for the past two years of wonderful stories and pictures. Those of us who are not lucky enough to live with a pack of border collies and the WooTwoo and all the other furred and feathered residents of Casa de Food Lady enjoy sharing your adventures.

  14. So, at two years old, how much does Dexter weigh? :)
    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEX!!!

  15. The Food Lady says:

    That’s a good question! I have not weighed him in a long time. Maybe I’ll pop by the vet clinic today and get a weight for him. He’s still skinny as a broomstick, so probably he doesn’t weigh that much!

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