Dexter’s first Steeplechase

2nd place (that cursed running around the weave entrance, eating up valuable seconds) and a Q!

We’ve been working VERY hard on his contacts, so there was a lot less creeping today than in the last trial.  Now we need to work on his weaves in a trial atmosphere … he can nail his entry from anywhere at home and at class, but in trials he always acts like an idiot who has never seen weaves before  ;-)


  1. Looking good for a newbie! Nice.

    What organization is this trial sanctioned under?

  2. The Food Lady says:

    We trial in the AAC only :)

  3. NICE!!

    Baby dog. Adrenalin. Enough said. lol

  4. He is terrific considering how young he is. And very, very fast. Congratulations on the second place he’s done great. :)
    He deserves lots of “brownies” for that ;)

    Lots of hugs for Dexter and best wishes.:o)

  5. Go Dexter, he really IS fast!

  6. Nice distance work for a baby dog and, as fast as he is, you are going to need it! Go, Dexter! Go, Food Lady! No videos of Tweed? I thought he was also running this weekend.

  7. clairesmum says:

    wow, not sure you could teach ME to do all of that! those yips I heard – is that Dexter? this is so cool to watch, FL. thanks for sharing.

  8. The Food Lady says:

    No, that’s not dexter – Dex runs virtually silently, except for when he screws up his weave pole entrance and barks at me ;-) Other than that, he is always quiet :)

    He’s not even running fast yet.

  9. How’d I miss this? WOW is he ever fast.

  10. Look at that big boy go!!! :)

  11. Lovely! And he looks like he’s having a lot of fun.

  12. Candace Battles says:

    Jet is 3 yrs and still has those green dog WP drive by’s…In Jet’s case I think it is a matter of him moving so fast he can’t or won’t control his speed, so rather than ping pong off the WP’s poles he runs by them, then looks at me like, CRAP! I missed the entry again…LOL! Just so you know there is hope…

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