Victory Chicken!!

Yeah okay, not really.  My bantam hen flew the coop this morning (literally) and I happened to have my camera with me when I caught her to put her back.  I promise, the rest of this post is chicken-free.

Actually, I just popped in to tell those of you who are not Wootube fans on Facebook that Dexter is going to be in his first real agility trial this weekend!  After much (incessant, annoying, grating, mind numbing) nagging from Auntie Fiona about trialing him, I finally smugly told her that if The Sadist recommended it, I would enter him.  I was sure the Sadist would say “absolutely not, he’s just a baby dog, don’t put pressure on him, yaddayadda*somethingGerman*add an insult here*” but to my horror, he said he agreed it was time to get him out there and start exposing him to trial environments.  I swear Fiona did a little dance.

Can I bring my frisbee?

One of my favourite trials of the year happens to take place this weekend, so I threw Dex in just a couple of runs on Saturday.  It was super last minute, and totally unplanned, so you can also imagine my surprise when I learned afterward that a whole schwack of baby dogs are making their trial debut this weekend as well!  Total coincidence.  We’ll be trialing with Dex’s sister Ginny, and Pan the Malinois, and Billy the mini Aussie, and Lollipop the pitbull, and Wallace and Jack the poodles, and Curry the Kelpie … it’s amazing, ALL these dogs are making their trial debuts!  We’ll be in good company stumbling around out there trying to control our insane, ramped up puppies ;-)  I think they should rename the trial The March Of Virgins.

Hell, while I’m there, maybe I should throw Spring in too. She can do the tunnel:

and she can jump too!

As you can see by the look of indifference on TWooie’s face, he is unimpressed with Spring’s little accomplishments.

After all, he too can perform the tunnel:

and he can also jump!

But while he may not be impressed with her mad agility skillz, he is nevertheless charmed by her very being.  He’s played with her two more times this week and I even managed to photograph proof for you this morning!

I’ma gonna eatchoo!

I’ma gonna eatchoo AND Piper too!

I still can’t believe TWooie made a friend.

And if anyone asks me why I named her Spring, I’m just going to show them this photo:

Wish us luck this weekend! I’ll try to get someone to video it for us all :)


  1. *snoopy dance*

  2. lyanne (aka Catfiend) says:

    i like chickens :) they can be quite entertaining

  3. lyanne (aka Catfiend) says:

    oops, though not nearly as entertaining as a Woo. NOTHING compares to that…

  4. CarolG. says:

    Best of luck! Have fun and a lot of laughs.

  5. Can I just say how much I love seeing Twooie’s happy face? He looks absolutely ecstatic playing agility. Kudos for rescuing, rehabilitating, and loving this diamond in the rough… Even if he is a pain.

  6. clairesmum says:

    Sounds like a great weekend of young dogs and adventures! Hope you don’t have the heat that we in the eastern States are having right now.
    Great pic of Twooie, playing and smiling! AND doing agility – tho I imagine cookies were involved, even if not seen on camera. I’m so glad he stayed with you and has discovered that he can be safe and have fun in the world.
    Maybe you should work on a series of leaping dog pics – first Dex, now Spring.

  7. ZOMG indeed! I <3 Spring! Even if I am glad she's with you. lol What is poor TWoo going to do when she gets placed??

  8. suzanne says:

    you need to keep her if for no other reason than TWoo

  9. Good luck with Dexter this weekend! Spring is adorable.

  10. I would love to “Like” JoOaks’ comment. :)

  11. Janice in GA says:

    Very best luck to you and Dexter in your agility trial!!!

  12. Good luck with Dex in the March of the Virgins! Sounds like an exciting time. Also, what kind of frisbee does Dex have? Our hounds love cloth ones, but Wizzo has started making them single ply instead of double, so Dad gets out his sewing awl and the heavy duty thread and Jake and Em sit and salivate and give him the stare until he’s finished. Any info on a decent cloth frisbee would be much appreciated!

  13. God, Dexter looks gorgeous in that photo and I’m pretty sure he’s going to do great in the trial. Best of luck to you both!!:)

    Are you sure Twooie was playing and not trying to kill Spring? ;) Just kidding it’s great that he’s becoming more confident and finally making more friends than Wootie. And I’m pretty sure sure Wootie is also very happy for Twooie.

    Best of luck again, and best wishes. :)

  14. Good luck! (And I love the chicken pictures!)

  15. Best of luck to you and Dexter and all his other little friends that are making their debuts. I LOOOOOOOVE Spring. She is so cute.

  16. Good luck to you and Dexter!

    I love the contrast in expressions on Twooie in the pictures of Spring going over the jump, and the next one where he is coming out of the tunnel.

    And Piper and Spring look supremely unconcerned at the threat of being eaten.

  17. StupidSmartDogs says:

    I love TWooie’s face <3

    Whats the terrible TWooie going to do when you place her?

  18. um, mystery woman. says:

    Hurray for Victory chicken (you don’t know how lucky you are! If in doubt check with rabbit from previous post..).

    Best of luck with this weekends ‘March of the virgins,’ here’s hoping all the awkward fumbling will lead to something good! O – I just made myself blush ;)

  19. Beanatx says:

    So happy TWooie made a friend! That is how I ended up with dog #5, my emotionally, behaviorally messed up dog who is uncomfortable with most other dogs, including the three others he has lived with for the last 6 years, fell in love. I reluctantly caved and added him to the pack, but seeing them curled up on the dog bed together and playing together, warms my heart. In fact, he fit in so well with everyone, it’s eerie. It feels like he was supposed to be ours. However, he is the last one! The last!

  20. Love that photo of Spring’s spring-y butt. Just made me laugh out loud — thanks for sharing!

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