Is he famous now?

I keep forgetting to post this little surprise we recently received…a woman I know ordered a tunnel from NTI Global and when it arrived, she thought the dog on the label looked *mighty* familiar, so she saved the tag for me.

How cool is that?  *chuffed*.  Of course, they couldn’t have chosen a dog with more athleticism, more poise, more grace …

(DexTER, you’re embarrassing me!!)


Much better.

Actually we’ve been doing lots of agility practice lately, because while (as you can see) the buttercups have returned with a vengeance:

and I’ve not had time to mow, the rest of the property is 1000 times worse.  It’s a jungle full of dog eating plants.

Did you say DOG EATING plants?

Yes, Tweed, dog eating plants.

Well don’t just stand there, help me!!

We tried to go for a walk on the back of the property today and this was all I could see in front of me.

I imagine it to be absolutely teeming with spiders and other unpleasant bugs, so I just can’t convince myself to fight through it.  Worse, it’s chock full of grass seed right at nose level.

When the dogs go crashing through it they come out looking like this:

Walking seed pods.

And all that plant life rubbing up against them might explain this:

That’s Dexter’s chest and legs, missing a lot of hair and looking very raw.  And this is a week after I discovered the oozing hives, and treated it with a liberal application of cortizone cream and a jaunty pink sweater from the donation bin at work to keep him from licking and scratching at it.  My poor little guy :(

It’s a method I also intend to try on TWooie as well.

No you won’t.  I won’t wear clothes.

And, of course, Wootie is bleeding copiously from the ears, hunting as he does in the pokies.

…with TWooie barking away merrily behind him.

It’s getting almost impossible to find anywhere to take photos these days.  On Tuesday it was a brilliant, warm, sunny day and we went to the beach with Auntie Fiona, Rogue and Tempus … and I forgot the memory card for my camera.  What a rookie mistake! :(  So there are no photos of that.  There are also no photos of me chasing a coyote across the acreage in my pajamas from earlier this week when she came up to investigate my chickens at 11pm.  Nor are there photos of my landlord pissing himself laughing as he watched me racing across the acreage in houseshoes and polka dotted flannel pajamas yelling my head off at the poor thing.  And for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful for Tweed, and his mad posing skills :)

I am about to do a crazy long stretch of working days, so wanted to get in a last post before that happens.  Also, it’s Dexter’s 22nd month birthday today.  In two months he will be two years old.  I cannot even begin to believe it … how did that happen so fast?!

Happy 22 month birthday Dexter Morgan!

He’s sure come a long way from this, huh?

(2.5 months old)


  1. Evie Douglas says:

    Dex is famous! Well, if you have tunnels I guess. I certainly hope he negotiated a hefty paycheck for being a spokesdog.
    I love the last 2 pics. The last one of everyone all dry & groomed, & the one before of “We survived the wettest spring in history”. But my fave is the 1st one of handsome Tweed.

  2. Love as usual.

    Shame on you Food Lady for making 2.5 month old Dexter wear a pink leash! How embarassing…

  3. happy 22 month birthday peanuts!

    i love me some tweed – today’s group shot just affirms it.

  4. Love the post and thanks to whomever pointed out that if you hover over the pictures you see their captions. They just CRACK ME UP!
    : )

  5. I do hope they bought that image from you?

  6. I have 2 of those tags! Just went to check the tunnels – whoo hoo! Neat :)

  7. I’m extremely impressed that you got both Twooie and Dexter to sit still in close proximity to each other! Are they getting along better now?

  8. *melts at sight of Dex as puppy in group shot* What a fabulous, famous guy you’ve got, FL! As for the long grass and the bugs, is it possible someone could lend you a weed-eater? The big, two-handled industrial jobbies do great work. Now all you need are burly, Carhartt-clad men to operate such machines….

  9. Hope they paid you many Dexter dollars for the photo.

  10. Happy 22 months birthday, Dexter Morgan!!!! He is such a handsome dog and really athletic. But I have notice that Dexter has the same look in his eyes as Bumblee (Transformers) and in your second photo he kind looks like he wants to transform into “something”.

    May he be one of those Transformers in disguise?
    Might that be the reason Twooie doesn’t like him.
    Could that be the reason Tweed teases him to no end?
    Is that the reason Pipper has initiated him into the lessons of “Mad Teeth” and make him her “young apprentice”?
    Would that explain Wootie unrelentless bunny hunting?
    Do we have a mystery in “Casa de la Food Lady”?

    Really nice to see that Pipper fully recovered from the encounter with the poisonous thingy that make her so ill. She looks really nice and happy in the latest photos. And yes Tweed has mad posing skills.

    Hopefully both Dexter and Twooie will have less problems with the rash now that you know how to treat it.

    Take care of yourself and best wishes.

  11. I have a dog who also gets a red itchy belly. There is a product called Vetracyn (sp?). Anyway, it is also safe for dogs, cats, birds, and people. It is a little pricey but a little goes a very long way and it really helps my Borperd (boder collie/german shepherd mix) :)

  12. The buttercups have sap that is blister producing. If you keep them mowed short and wait til the sap has dried after mowing before allowing access by dogs, should help if that is the problem.

  13. Tweed is soooo handsome in his photos!

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