The Return of the Flamboyance

Okay, maybe not *quite*  it still has failed to regrow into its sublime self after the Great De-Burring Of 2010.

But it’s trying!

One thing that has returned, at long last, is the sunshine!

Buh-bye jacket!

The dogs are not sure what to make of the glowing orb in the sky; it’s been so very long since they’ve seen it.

WTF is that thing?  I’d better hide.

Piper says: “Hiding … you’re doing it wrong.

But *I* love the sun, and I am willing to spend a lot more time outside when we have sun for company.  We played Flying Squirrel for well over an hour this afternoon.

TWooie was unimpressed.

Why does that thing fascinate you so?

Wouldn’t you rather play with me?

But his antics, hilarious though they were, failed to impress The Woo.

You may have to look closely, but NONE of his feet are touching the ground in that photo.  I remain utterly delighted every time TWoo gets in his head to play with someone. I wonder if it will ever fail to make me giggle, and go all melty?  Two of my very favourite dog related things are 1) when Piper and Dexter stop harassing me to amuse them, and start a game of hide-and-seek with one another and 2) Whenever TWooie tries to initiate play.  Both these things are much better than tv!

And they both only happen when we spend a lot of time outside, and only on the farm.  I guess my beasts are finally farm dogs.

They always know where to find water when they get too hot:

I don’t even have to tell them to get in the water; they just go find the bucket all by themselves.

This year I should really get them something decently sized to lay down in.  Last year all the stores were sold out of plastic wading pools by the time I got it in my head to buy them one.  Probably I should get on it earlier this year!

They also have learned to relax and just *be* when outside sometimes.  When they were condo dogs, outside was always GOGOGOGOGOGOGO! But now they are starting to chill outside.

Well … not Dexter.  But Dexter is never relaxed.

Did something happen?  Is something going to happen?  Are you going to make something happen?  Can I make something happen?

What can I say?  He’s just a little intense.

And TWooie is generally too busy guarding the farm to totally relax:

But every once in a while, Mr. Woo shows his brother how to sit back and take it easy (being that is his life’s work and all, the lazy bastard)

As you can tell, I really had nothing valuable to post about today.  But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging forever, and I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather!  I am hoping to have more exciting photos for you after Regionals Sunday, when we go to visit.  Boy though, I dunno .. lugging the telephoto around just for a while today really did a number on my neck & shoulder – it’s absolutely murdering me now as I type.  I’m worried about how long I’ll last taking photos this weekend :(

I’ll do my best though!  And here’s wishing all the competitors lots and lots of luck this weekend – run fast, run clean, and have a really fucking good time!!

Enjoy your success while it lasts!  Because next year, Dexter “long stride” Morgan is coming to take your place on the podium, babies!

(and maybe Tweed too.  He’ll be really old by then, but he’ll still be beautiful.  Just sayin’)

And hey – if you want to come out and see the best of the BC-Yukon agility dogs (well, ALMOST the best – after all, we won’t be there) visit the 2011 BC Yukon Regional Competition website .  Hopefully we’ll see you there!


  1. Ahhh everyone looks great and happy! I hope you mend soon so you can really enjoy the time outside with your furbabies <3

  2. Love that last photo! Tweed is so handsome. Looks like this dog has a beautiful soul; you can see it in his eyes.

    On a lighter note, just got my puppy a Flying Squirrel today. She loooooves it! :)

  3. Does Twooie have a new collar?

  4. Loved this post..just great dog shots and lots of Happy.

  5. “Did something happen? Is something going to happen? Are you going to make something happen? Can I make something happen?”

    hahaha! i have a dog who i swear thinks along those exact same lines!

    and now is indeed the time to go find the little plastic kiddie pools at the stores. i just picked up a new one last week.

  6. Wonderful shots of the returning Flamboyance! It’s good to see all of you out enjoying the sunshine, and take it easy on your back and shoulder when you’re out enjoying yourself this weekend!

  7. Great Post—Great Photos—Great Dogs !!!

  8. Rebecca C. says:

    Another good place to get plastic kiddy pools is on Craigslist, Freecycle, etc. People get rid of them often, and you can post a wanted ad for one (or two :P). Not that they are all that expensive at the hardware store, when you can find them. =P

    Glad to see y’all finally got some sun up there. You can have some of ours, if you like. It was 90+ degrees yesterday.

  9. You never did come get the pool I have so you going to come this year and get it…. Its still here.. waiting for you.

  10. Even though I’m pretty sure Woo is of all your dogs the most intelligent one, and hence wouldn’t be affected by matters of style and beauty, ;), he looks suspiciously proud in the first photo. May he have a dandy inside we have never noticed? lol :)

    I hope you survived the weekend and the neck and shoulder are Ok, take care of yourself and that thing in both neck and shoulder. :)

    And in preparation of next year’s Regionals we’ll start early with the cheering:

    “Go, Dexter, go”, “Go, Tweed, go” and just in case Pipper is also in there “Go, Pipper, go”
    Team Dexter, Team Tweed, and Team Pipper t-shirts and other official issues should definitely be organised. You never have enough time for cheering.

    “Go Team FoodLady, go” :)

    The photos as always terrific. Take of yourself and lots of hugs for the family. :)

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