Happy Eleventh Birthday Tweedles!!

I can haz 11th Birthday party plz?

I dunno if eleven deserves a party Tweed.  How about just some peanut butter cake?

Pleeeeeeeze?  I’ll even get my contacts if I can have a party!

Well alright then.  We’ll invite


And Rogue

And Riccochet

and then we’ll forget to take photos of the other party guests, because class will start.

But you’ll still get some cake.

Can you believe my little man is 11 years old?  I can’t!  He doesn’t look a day over 5, and he doesn’t act a day over 2 :)  Happy birthday to my favourite border collie / Aussie mix.  Here’s to 11 more years of BARKING!  I swear, by then I will have learned to treasure the sound :)  I love you Tweedle-dee!!


  1. Janice in GA says:

    Can I be honorary vice president of the Tweed fan club? Cuz I loves me some Tweed. :)

    Happy birthday Tweed!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tweed!!! :)

    Food lady he deserves a bigger cake, just saying. LOL :D

    Best wishes.

  3. Robin Layton says:

    Happy Birthday Tweed! And wishing you many, many more!

    When I look at Tweed’s face I want to invent cute nicknames like Tweedle, Tweedie, Tweedle Dee Dee, and so on. He’s such a good looking dog!


  4. Happy Happy Birthday Tweed! Old(er) dogs are the best dogs!

  5. Happy Birthday, Tweed, you handsome devil <– that’s the Aussie bit :-P

    And more Rogue, too, please. I’m still a little bitter that she did not come to CA.

  6. Happy Birthday Tweed! My Ben turned 13 yesterday… I’d say he looks his age (with white face – very distinguished on a black dog) and acts like a younger dog that thinks he can get away with anything. Oh wait, it’s because of his age I kinda let him get away with things. :)

    I say this week is a celebration to all the senior ‘pups’ out there!

  7. Happy Birthday Tweed! You know how to talk you momma into anything, don’t you?

  8. Oooh! Happy birthday Tweed! And what handsome birthday pictures, too!

  9. Lauren says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWEED!!! I wish you many more years of amazing dog days.

  10. A very happy birthday to wonderful Mr. Tweed-Pants! I loved his cake–beautifully presented!

  11. Happy birthday, fella!

  12. Happy birthday, Tweed-man! You are my favorite woof. Many more yappy years!

  13. Tweed, my man! I remember when Food Lady got you, and named you, and what a darling little pupper you were then to be sure! Now you’re one handsome fella, and a wise dog too. Keep on keeping on, Tweed, we’re sending you some best birthday wishes from the Shelties, the Lapphund, and the Border Collie who make up the Hooligan Crew in Chicago.

  14. Happy birthday Tweed! Can you send us some cake, please,

    The basenjis

  15. Happy Barkday Tweed!!!

  16. clairesmum says:

    Happy Birthday Tweed – older dogs rule! never mind those younger whippersnappers who think they know everything – all that jumping up and running around mindlessly – you older dogs know how to spend your time and energy wisely!
    I’m another older dog myself, you know – just turned 12 about 6 weeks ago. No cake for me, tho there was some lovely hamburger in my dish – just what I had in mind.
    Claire dog

    Best wishes from Claire’s mum as well!

  17. Yappy birthday from us here too Tweedles. Looking pretty good for 11ses. Even with the old man lips ;c)

  18. Evie Douglas says:

    Happy Barkday Tweedie! And many, many more!
    From your twin, Rosie, also 11 & also acts 5.

  19. Happy Birthday Tweed!

    I have to say, your contact picture just about had me undone. I mean, who could say no to that?

  20. another amy says:

    Wishing you a HAPPY 11! My Bud hit that milestone last Feb and damn if he isn’t going to live another 100! Just like you :)

  21. Bestler says:

    Happy Birthday Tweed!!! I don’t think you should have had to hit contacts to have birthday party or cake ;)

  22. Happy Birthday Tweed! You look great!

  23. 3 Aussies and a BC says:

    Jester sez “Old Man Red Dogs RULE” Happy Birthday Tweed!

  24. Happy Birthday Tweed- from Sam and Lilly. (Our Mom doesn’t get us cake or celebrate our birthdays (bad Mom), but sometimes she gets us Puppy Cupcakes from Sprinkles, so it all evens out.) You’re the youngest 11 year old dog we’ve ever seen!

  25. Happy Birthday, Tweed!!

  26. Maria Shanley says:

    Happy Birthday Tweed! And many more!

  27. Ruth Hansell says:

    I remembers him as a wee thing meself! Happy B-Day, Tweedster! Shoshone, a Grande Olde Dame herself, says ya gotta be doing sumpin right.

    Many many many more blissful years with Food Lady!

  28. RachelB says:

    Happy birthday, Tweed. I hope you had lots of fun, and I hope the coming year treats you well.

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