Still on blogcation

But because you are all so lovely, I wanted to reward you with …


Bananarabbit (yes, I named him, could you tell?) is a baby bunbun who came into our shelter as a stray.  We’re teaching him rabbit agility.

Can you guess why we call him Bananarabbit?

Bananarabbit needs a friend.  Because this fake friend is a poor substitute.

He wants a friend, like these budgies have.

All these critters are available at the District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Facility, if you’re interested :)


  1. Delighted to see more photos and hear more about what’s going on with the FL (despite the fact that you’re still on blogcation). I’m digging the Bananarabbit–how very timely!

  2. We love your book! We got a copy with the dustwrapper–so elegant! Whenever I need to tickle my funny bone, I re-read it. I am particularly fond of the bird lice episode. Thank you for the enormous amount of pleasure you have given me, ever since I discovered you (with Tweed’s “I see dead people” entry)–your fabulous photos, your irreverent sense of humor have helped me through some tough times. Hang in there, friend. Fay

  3. rosali(ta) says:

    Is bananarabbit’s imaginary friend named Harvey? You know, Harvey the Pooka. (That was one of my favorite movies…)

  4. Oh my gosh. That is a freaking adorable bunny.

  5. I WANT BANANARABBIT! He is the cutest bunny ever! Too bad 1) I’m in Colorado and 2) I have no room in my house for a rabbit cage. Sigh.

    On the bright side, though, with looks like his, I’m sure he will find a new home soon!

  6. Thank you for the gift of a lovely blog! Super cute bunny, I would be tempted if I lived closer! Unfortunately, I do have one dog who loves to chase bunnies!

  7. Um, Still mystery woman. says:


    happy, happy, now.

    Your the bestest!

    He can’t help it, Bananarabbit just makes the world seem right. *sigh*


  8. Whimper…look at his little bunny lips! WANT

  9. OHh if i was closer I would take the budgies. Love Budgies they are so funny.

  10. Ooohhh, so cute! I WANT. But I’m sure my dogs would think they were dinner.

    Robin Layton

  11. Bananarabbit is super cute! Too bad I’m about as far away as you can get from him! Hope he finds a home soon. Happy Blogcationing!

  12. clairesmum says:

    WANT WANT WANT bananarabbit!! he is beyond words for cuteness! but, claire would definitely think he was a chase toy and a chew toy. hope he finds a happy bunny home soonest. thanks for sharing his pic.

  13. Gorgeous budgies! The darker one so sets off the light one and vice versa!

  14. Bananarabbit eating banana makes me feel smooshy!! I totally understand about the blogcation — I can’t imagine putting myself “out there” and sure appreciate that you do because I love your stories, photos, and humor! However, the blogcation has made me finally order your book, which I have been meaning to do but just hadn’t yet (sometimes, procrastinators just need an extra nudge…). Take care and I will keep checking back.

  15. I want Bananarabbit! I will come get him! I’m going to stop in Wisconsin and get the miniature pot-bellied pig that Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue is fostering, too.

  16. Bananarabbit is a sweetheart and those budgies are too darn cute. Hope they find their forever homes very soon :) And with someone who lets them all live outside their cages for most of the time!

  17. Darling rabbit! I never knew bunny feet were so cute.

  18. Janet Elliott says:

    Your photos of the shelter animals are absolutely gorgeous. What an asset you are to the facility, as your pictures must be a real magnet.

  19. I told you that a bunny would be good clicker-training practice! Too bad you can’t take him home.

  20. Yeah, Rabbit and the rest of the family would not mess too well :-)
    Sorry to hear you are on blogcation!
    Fabulous word, though!!!!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

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