You like us, you really like us!

Yesterday I was pleased to see that Wootube had managed to reach 1,000 “fans” on Facebook, which I thought was rather monumental.  I mean after all, it’s just a wee silly blog with goofy pictures of some weirdo dogs.  Who knew so many people would grow to love it so?!

Of course, then someone decided they didn’t love us anymore, and we’re back down to 999 fans.  But whatever – we DID reach 1,000 fans for a few dizzying hours there, so in honour of that accomplishment, I wanted to share with you a short, and very freaking’ adorable, animation of Piper, Mad Teeth™ and Mr. Woo that one of our readers, Haley, sent to us.  I love this animation so SO much because

a) it sounds *exactly* what I imagine Piper would sound like

b) she totally nailed Mr. Woo’s facial expression and reactions

c) Mad Teeth™.  I live them and I love to see them animated!

Turn on your sound for this!



If you want Haley to animate YOUR furry buddies, she will do so for a fee! Visit Haley’s website and you’ll get a real kick out of what she can do!!

And thanks to all of you, for being the best fans EVAH.

And because my dogs are quasi-famous,  I want to share the love, and help make your dogs famous too.

Punk rock band Nu Sensae is filming a video in Vancouver on March 19th 2011.  The video will feature dogs … lots and lots and lots of dogs, who will be “forced” to lick peanut butter and jam off the faces of the band members.  They’ve asked me to help full the video shoot with all manner of sizes and shapes of dogs, so I’m inviting any of you who live in the Vancouver area, have a friendly (no food aggression, no dog aggression and for doG’s sake, no aggression towards faces!) pooch or five who wants to be in a video and get a free pb&j snack, to come on down and join the party!  There’s no compensation, but you get bragging rights :)

If you and your smoocherooni poocheroonies are available on March 19th, please message me and I will send you the details of who to contact and the location / time etc.  I can’t be there, because I have to work (booo) but Mr. Woo may be tagging along with one of my friends, because you know Woo … he’s never one to pass up on opportunity to get on tv or similar! ;-)  Come on down, join the party!


  1. Evie Douglas says:

    If you lost a fan its probably cuz they died. Can’t think of any other reason!

  2. We just “liked” you on Facebook, and we saw that you now have 1.004 fans! You are well on your way to 2,000! :)

  3. This “silly little blog” is one of the best out there. And routinely keeps me in stitches.

    Bestest blog EVAH. ;-)

    Love the animation!

  4. I agree with Adrienne. Best ever.

    And from what I’ve seen from (Supreme Queen) Piper, you’re right the tone is spot on. Animated Mad Teeth (TM) rule!

  5. Loved the video and just became your 1,026 friend on FB!!

  6. I’m not on Facebook, but I like you and all your dogs, Food Lady. (Especially Piper.)

  7. My crazy border collies and I love your blog. And, the animation was awesome–I’d love to hear Woo talk.

  8. That’s an excellent animation!

  9. Congrats for reaching 1000+ fans on Facebook! I also want to add to that; I nominate you for the Memetastic Award.
    Great animation! Would also love to see the video of so many dogs getting a peanut butter snack. Mr. Woo shouldn’t miss it!

  10. Aislinn, Coop and Joon and Twist says:

    You have to remember Food Lady that some of us frickin’ hate faceplant. I mean it’s great you have fans but lots of us are here daily just hoping for a new blog without ever ‘friending’ you or ‘liking you’ in that way.
    I actually created a stoopid facebook account just to follow TDBCR but then it got complicated because people actually tried to communicate with me with facebook. Urg.

    Anyway. There are more than 1000 of us, probably more than 2000 following those awesome chickens. Totally awesome chickens. What the dog stuff is I can’t say, but man those birds are awesome.

    Keep on keeping on!

    A, G & the collies

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