You asked for it!

Video of Dexter’s first agility trial!





And incidentally, it happened to also by the weekend that his sister Cricket and brother Sagan also ran FEO at an AAC trial in Kamloops!! Here’s videos of them too :)

Cricket and Nan:

Phil and Sagan:

What a bunch of keeners, and what a talented family! I *heart* our Peanuts!


  1. Well, we were impressed! Sage has a LONG way to go, but we’re working on it. Congrats to Dex! He did GREAT!!

  2. Fantastic runs! It’s wonderful to see your intense-eyed Dex in action, FL! You must be one proud mum.

  3. That was so fun to watch! He’s like a Speedy Gonzales jumping bean! I felt like I was watching him run in fast forward!

  4. Hey not bad at all! Those are definitely *courses*. And the adreneline pumping…


  5. Wow, you guys look great! What nice start line stays! What nice contacts! What good (baby dog) teamwork!

    Kepler is about 2-3 times as fast as Dexter in that video, but he has yet(!) to comprehend that agility is a team sport or a thinking sport. He just runs headlong towards whatever equipment he happens to see, which, unless it’s a tunnel, usually goes flying when he crashes through it and the course must be rebuilt before the next dog can run. But even if it takes us a decade to get to the point you and Dex have already reached, I love him anyway, and at least he’s the King of Tunnelers :)

  6. Also, I have to say that after 365 days plus however many months of countless still photos of Dexter, it’s kind of a shock to see him in motion.

    He’s bouncy!

  7. Great runs! What amazing contacts and a speedy fella. You have quite the agility star on your hands. Can’t wait to see more!

  8. Youtube/Sony won’t let me watch Dex’s movie because of the music it contains. :(

  9. I wouldn’t know a gambler from a jumper, but Dexter is just awesome!

  10. What fun! Wonderful first time out!

    And, he *is* ginormous! It’s obvious in photos that he’s a tall boy, but to see him moving? Giraffe, indeed.

    You’ll have a great time with that one.

  11. Fun! Wow, so is he jumping 26″? Man, he’s tall!

  12. I love watching Dex. He seems so into it. I started agility with my lab. She does it at a walk and can barely get over the jumps at the lowest level. I can’t convince her to go a little faster. I can almost hear her thinking – anything for a treat.

  13. btw, I posted your blog on my facebook page and asked my readers to get you over 1000. I have a feeling my daughter (I see her on your friends list)and her soroity did just that!

  14. I know absolutely nothing about agility, but….What a fantastically enthusiastic doggie he is! I loved all the extra bouncing he does while waiting for the next thing.

  15. Whoohoo! Way to go, Dex and TFL! Dexter looks like a kangaroo.

  16. Wow, he’s coming along quickly! His enthusiasm is great! Bouncy is right!

  17. Aislinn, Coop and Joon and Twist says:

    So I say to Glenn ‘Wanna watch Dexter’s trial?!”
    And he says ‘Who’d he kill?’

    I think he got him confused with the Twoo gangstas.

    Awesome job Dex.
    You rocked it.

    A, G, Coop & Joon

  18. Well done! Go Food Lady and Dex!

  19. Lovely sends for a baby dog – you are going to need them when he hits his peak. lol Damn nice start-line stay, too. I see people letting a dog break his stay at a trial and think that if that were a fault, a lot of dogs would have better start line stays. Very, very nice first time out. Congratulations to both of you!

  20. he is so eager and bouncy! and sorry, but the weave poles crack me up!

  21. I loved getting to see them all grown up and running. Dexter is a powerhouse, WOW! What a lovely dog to have as a team member!

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