It’s allll about Woo

At long last, you recognize this simple truth.  It *is* all about me.

Apparently Woo is not the only one who thinks it’s all about him.

Jacob Hoggard, of the band Hedley, thinks it’s all about Woo, too.  All the way from the Junos!

Did someone call the WooTWoo?  Well, too bad … they’re hunting squirrels, so they’re ignoring you.  Much as they ignore me.

Unless you have a cookie.

We went to the river today for some swimming, and brought along the very coveted special Wootie toy.  Alas, we never got to play with it.  Because Tucker commandeered it.


And then Nyxie stole it.  And Piper was mad.

Dexter tried to distract her, but she was still mad (teeth™).

Well *that* didn’t work.  And now I’m scared!

Tweed was just plain happy, because he got to go swimming!

And that rubbed off on Dexter, who was happy once again.

I’m gonna beat the happy right offa them both!

And now I’m happy, because all the dogs are dead tired.

And also because my wee girlie is back to her old self … well, except for the racism.

So … my property neighbours got evicted and have to be out in a couple of days.  All I can say is … they better take their damn llamas with them!!  But for all the livestock hoarding, night time turkeys and locked up llama troubles I’ve had with then, I am more than dreading the next batch of people. I haven’t even lived here two years and I’ve had two sets of neighbours, neither of which have lasted.  Who will be next, I wonder?


ETA – PS!  Since so many of you suggested it, I’ve added the “tip jar” back to the sidebar.  It humorously suggests you help me afford to pinch off poor Dexter’s nuts.  Please don’t tell him about that – he holds a *wicked* grudge!


  1. What fun you had at the river!! Sage is sooooooo jealous–look at all that mud!!

  2. OMG, those are wet, dirty, happy dogs!

    As for the neighbours – maybe you could tell their landlord you’ll screen potential renters for him?? Know any good animal rescue people who need a place to live??

  3. clairesmum says:

    Ok, deposit made in the tip jar – gotta get Dex’s surgery done before any one in the pack gets injured or sick! Glad your crappy neighbors are moving on – maybe third time will be the charm and you’ll get some dog friendly folks. And that is a great pack of wet, dirty, tired, HAPPY dogs you’ve got there, Food Lady.

  4. Dexter holding a wicked grudge is too funny. I just had a conversation with my vet who couldn’t understand why my dog wouldn’t warm up to him. I said, “she doesn’t like you because you ripped her ovaries out!” He chuckled and said, “I didn’t rip her ovaries out, I surgically removed them!” LMBO

  5. Ooh! Mud! Giz got to enjoy the mud yesterday too! *I* did not enjoy slipping down the bank and almost into the river! Mud from knee to shoulder, pushing my jacket up past my waist and getting slime under my shirt. Yee-uck! But his happy face (a la Tweed) made it worth it.

  6. And you said Faith could get muddy!:-)

    I particularly like this set: Dexter down and eager for anything, Tweed wondering when you’ll drop that cookie (ahem), Wootie picking up a stick as large as he is (in his own mind), and Piper as queen of the mountain.

  7. I just saw the juxtaposition of his orangeness (Mr. Woo) next to Mr. Orange in the banner photos. Shows just how ORANGE Wootie is.

  8. I didn’t realize until about two blog posts ago that the “picture names” were actually funny captions when moused over.

    Please tell me this is new and I haven’t been missing out on half the fun??

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