Home, home again

Thank you, all of you, for your many well wishes.  The universe listened, and my Piper dog is safely back home where she belongs, a little filthier than when she left (they gave her activated charcoal and she bit them many many times while they tried to administer it.  That’s my girl!) but feeling fine.  She’ll need to go back in a few days for a re-check of her blood, as they are still worried about rat poison being the culprit, but for now she’s back to her old, Mad Teeth™ self.

Thanks again all!  I will update again when I have some time.  Right now me and Pipesy Doodles are gonna have a shower!


  1. Oh thank goodness. Extra love and scritches for Piper today!

  2. What wonderful news – and now to find the culprit. I am so glad she is back home with her dear Food Lady.

  3. Happy and I send love and doggie kisses.

  4. Excellent news – but keep a close eye out anyway!

    Some vile bastard has been deliberately baiting remote dog-walking trails with poisoned meatballs (Carbofuran – an industrial insecticide) in our area. I dearly hope that Piper’s incident was accidental, and not some sick deliberate act.

  5. Oh, that is SUCH a relief to hear!

  6. “like” So freaking happy.. i was almost in tears thinking of her. Glad she is on the mend!

  7. How is Miss Piper today?

  8. Oh thank goodness! I’m so glad she’s home and safe, and hope nothing but good news from further bloodwork.

  9. Sam's mum says:

    How’s missy Piper doing?

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