Mystery Walnut





Faith or Walnut?

How did Walnut make her way to Canada and end up in rescue?

Stay tuned as we unravel the mystery … I’ve contacted the original seller and hoping to hear back!


  1. Definitely the same dog! Now you know her birthday . . . hope you can get more info.

  2. Wow – someone had sharp eyes! How did you find the original posting for her?

  3. The Food Lady says:

    It wasn’t me! It was my boss who found the listing and said “Hey wow, isn’t this Faith?” If it’s NOT Faith, the resemblance is uncanny, right down to the one blue, one brown eye, the white mark on her back, the black mark on her head and the spots on her ears. That just looks like a younger Faith. I really hope the original sellers email me back!

  4. That is crazy. I suppose it doesn’t help that she can’t hear so you can’t see if she responds to Walnut…

  5. I wonder why they wrote she/Walnut could not be with cats…

  6. MUST be the same dog. Walnut is a great name!

  7. That’s some find! I hope they email back…

  8. Oh my gosh! I can’t find any difference except where her coat would have grown longer and covered some of the markings! Even the spots on her ears! Can’t wait for the update!!

  9. I am absolutely intrigued about where this may go! If you get a chance when you send the update, let us know how this all started! Did your boss find a listing at a shelter or something? Can’t wait to hear how it pans out!

  10. I hope this is someone’s miracle and Faith gets to go back home.

  11. WOW !

  12. Wow! It has to be the same dog. Is that the breeder’s listing, then? Do you think they’ll want her back? Good luck, and keep us posted!

  13. This is wild! Faith/Walnut must’ve come a ways, then…would a breeder actually sell someone a deaf dog? I remember an ongoing debate earlier on a post of yours re: testing at certain developmental points in a pup’s life for hearing loss or deafness–not that there’s anything wrong with having/owning a deaf dog (I am in love with Faith, formerly Walnut), provided the new owner is aware of the condition. I guess what I’m wondering is if the fact that the breeder sold her, deaf, does that say something about the quality of the breeder? Does one get such hounds on ‘discount’? Forgive my ignorance, FL, but I’m so curious now.

    Plus if I were in BC, I’d have tried to adopt that hound lickety-split.

  14. Alice,

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with a breeder selling a deaf dog, as in my opinion a reputable breeder would be screening homes well enough to find an owner who was perfectly suited to take care of a deaf dog.

  15. this is such a mystery! hopefully the sell does get back to you. the markings are so close, can’t see any difference between them

  16. Amazing likeness – definitely looks like the same dog to me. I can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds. I do love a good mystery!

  17. Whaaa?? I don’t get any of this but yes, would seem Faith is a former Walnut from the pics I see…

  18. Alice,
    I’m involved with breeding Australian Shepherds and showing in conformation, obedience, and a whole lot of other things. Aussies are plagued by blindness and deafness. Most of the time you can avoid it by not breeding merle to merle, but it does happen on its own sometimes. Really, there are only three choices when you get a blind or deaf puppy. You can keep it to no particular purpose besides that you feel bad for it. Really this isn’t good for the dog because it will end up being that other dog you don’t have time for. If you are a serious breeder, you probably already have at least three dogs and the time needed for a deaf dog isn’t really available. You can have it put down, which in my opinion (though not everybody’s), is the kindest thing to do with a puppy that is BOTH blind AND deaf since a dog in that state is so debilitated I can’t see it having any decent quality of life, but is totally unnecessary for a dog that is only blind OR deaf but not both. Finally, you can fully disclose to a potential buyer that the puppy has a debilitating condition, find a home that is prepared to deal with this, and give the puppy a nice life. Almost every breeder I know goes for that last option. There are a lot of wonderful blind or deaf puppies out there in loving homes that good breeders took the extra time to find for them.

  19. The Food Lady says:

    Well, I’ve still not heard back from the original sellers / breeders, but I really hope I do! I am so very curious to know how Faith got to Canada. The woman who surrendered her got her from someone else in the Okanagan, so she doesn’t know her origins either. Isn’t this the craziest story??

    I have placed my share of deaf dogs and Faith will find a home one day too :) And a few blind dogs have found their homes too. I have high hopes for Faith, especially now that she comes with a most interesting story!

  20. I love the mystery! That email seems to be valid, so hope you hear something. I did some googling ….
    They look so much alike I’d be shocked if Faith wasn’t Walnut.

  21. Not the same dog at all. Walnut is much cleaner and fluffier than ANY of the pictures you’ve ever taken of Faith :) I should have known better than to check the blog just before bed. Now the suspense will keep me awake all night for sure….

    Sorry to hear about the accident. I send best wishes for a speedy recovery, and for a nice new dog hauler to magically appear on your doorstep.

  22. Thanks everyone for answering my comments about dog breeding. Laura: Certainly, I agree with you about selling a deaf dog, as long as the buyer is aware and is willing to put in the extra work. I guess I was wondering more if there was any sort of legal obligation on the breeder’s part re: full disclosure about the animal. And Maggie, thanks for the info about merles–I’ve no doubt that deaf and blind hounds find homes, provided there are people willing to do the work.

    And FL, I’m sure you will place Faith; she sounds (and looks) like a pretty sweet dog. I wish I were there…I’d love to meet her.

  23. The Food Lady says:

    “I wonder why they wrote she/Walnut could not be with cats…”

    Probably because she is not good with cats. She chases mine relentlessly.

  24. ;)I was hoping it was not more than chasing relentlessly…they seemed sure of her “not good with cats” and unsure about the rest…

    I had a cousin who raised and loved a blind and deaf australian shepherd named Magoo from a pup because the breeder was going to put him down – lived a full and happy life until my cousin passed at 42 – then I was able to find Mr. Magoo a home thru the shelter I work for – instantly people came to adopt when they heard his story and he lived for another three happy years before he passed at 15 – a full and good life. He taught us all a few good lessons along the way too.

    I hope you find out Faith’s story.

  25. Wow, even down to the deaf thing…yeah. That has to be the same dog. Sure, the chances of finding two dogs who look uncannily similar are slim, but possible…but the chances of finding two dogs who look basically identical and are both deaf? Yeah, that’s like one in a billion chances there.

    Completely nuts! You sure have some neat chance happenstances. I still awe over just how alike Twoo and Woo look every time they have their pictures shown.

  26. Oooooh the suspense… I hope they get back to you. Faith (I like this name better than Walnut) is shaping up to be quite the mysterious dog!

  27. She is a lady with a Past, that Faith! So interesting, I hope more details come to light.

    I have a Finnish Lapphund who is a rescue (one of only a handful of FL rescues in the US, how about that! He is Heikki on the breed club website about rescue, here: ) and he was not bred in the US, because he is a chocolate and there were no chocolates in breeding stock in the US when he was born in 1999. He was an owner surrender to a shelter, and pulled by the head of the FL Club, but we don’t know much beyond that. We suspect he was born in Finland or Russia and came here as a puppy. I would love to know where he’s been and what he’s seen! Sadly, he was terribly neglected following a divorce, and by the time he landed in the shelter he had heartworm, tick disease, a UTI, and fleas. Poor fella. I’ve had him for two years now, re-named him, and his health is overall good — tick disease is chronic and flares occasionally, but we manage. I love him forever and I hope that Faith finds the same kind of home my Mike (Heikki) did!

    Sorry about your vehicle, RDM. :( Have no suggestions along those lines as I drive a Scion XB which I love, but it won’t fit the number of crates that you need to accommodate.

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