Bad Luck Comes In …

Threes, they say?  I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Thank you for your many comments and emails of concern about my well being.  I survived said accident except for a nasty case of whiplash and a very strained shoulder.  The Dr. prescribed me some goofy pills that turn me into a slow motion slug when I take them, but they do help alleviate the pain.

Shall we put you out of your misery?  I could beat you to death with this Kong.

Today I got word that yes, indeed, my van was totaled and is a complete write-off.  The POS Pontiac and I will have a moment of silence as I clear out its contents (hmmm … where to store 6 more crates?) and then it’ll be time to move on to another vehicle.  They’ve not yet told me what they feel it’s worth, but I’m guessing it won’ t be much.  Can you believe I only have $2K left to pay on it?  *pout*

I got the “good” (<– so much sarcasm) news just before I left for the vet’s with Tweed.  Yesterday afternoon while playing his crazy chase game with Dexter,

I didn’t do anything.

he came up very VERY lame – non weight-bearing on his right front leg.  I gave him some Metacam and put him to bed, but it was exactly the same this morning.  My vet’s office is closed on Mondays, and I work all this week, so I went to another vet.

The good news – it’s not his shoulder or some other scary thing.

The bad news – it’s his foot.  Specifically, it’s the sesamoid bones in his foot.

The tragedy – he will probably need the same procedure on this right foot that he got on his left last year :(  At least they gave me his x-rays on a disc for my regular vet, so I won’t have to pay for those twice.

And at least the vet said he was “a lean, mean machine” and as is always the case with vets and their staff, everyone loved him.  It’s because he looks at them with adoration and longing … he’s longing for cookies and adores it when they oblige, but whatever makes them happy!

Please can we play a game of SOME kind?  How about Flying Squirrel?

Anyway, the poor dogs are not getting much outdoors time right now (and Tweed’s no longer getting any) and they’re kind of frustrated, but it hurts me to throw the ball or whatever and I’m all sleepy from the drugs.  I also won’t be photographing much for the next little while, because the heavy camera hurts my neck and excessive typing does too.  So if we are MIA at Wootube for a bit, never fear … I’m just recuperating.

Hoping your week is better than mine has been,

The Food Lady xoxo


  1. Hey Food Lady – need a good personal injury lawyer? I know one way out in Langley. Just sayin…

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your crash, the pain and about Tweed. I wanted to say that at least it’s a fixable “thing”, I assume they are broken? They will heal with time, just as you will but be sure to get some physical therapy out of the insurance because trust me, you will need it for that whiplash.

    Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

  3. Take care! Hears hoping you come up with good health for all of you and a great vehicle you can afford.

  4. Tell Tweed that the phrase “Misery loves company” doesn’t mean he needs to be in misery as well to fulfill the “company” part!

  5. Evie Douglas says:

    Somebody’s insurance had better be paying you for being in pain & feeling like dirt. (see above post from Jennifer). Not to mention the fact that you have to have transportation worth more than $2000.
    Poor Tweed again. Just so not fair.
    Hugs to you both.

  6. Hey Food Lady glad to hear you’re not seriously hurt! Car Suggestion! The Mazda 5. My neighbor with 4 carseated kids bought one almost a year ago and is in LOVE. All the seats fold down/remove too! Its a more compact mini van that still has tons of interior room!
    And with msrp of $18k you cant go wrong!

  7. Really sorry that this happened. Esp. since you’re now rendered car-less. But sriously, do all you can to get attention for your body, whether you go for some kind of compensation or not. My friend had a similar episode two summers ago and is still suffering. I think you may also be able to get some benefits from either the province or the feds if you’re not able to work as a result. Dogs, I’m sure, will survive the interlude.

  8. Janice in GA says:

    Oh no, not Tweed again. :( Give him a big kiss for me.

    And so sorry to hear about your shoulder/neck/car. Warm thoughts and best wishes for quick healing for you and Tweed both.

  9. you rest! feel better. we’ll wait. and if we were closer, we’d probably help. sorry about that one.

  10. Hey, Food Lady. I don’t often comment on your blog — I’m more of a “silent supporter” — but I wanted to let you know that I’m sending good thoughts your way and wishing both you and Tweed a speedy recovery. (And maybe also some big bags of cash falling from the sky. No guarantees, but I can wish for it, right?)

  11. Food Lady, I wish you complete and quick healing.

    And poor Tweed– he was so bummed about the crate rest last time.

    That’s a lot to deal with at once.

  12. What rotten luck.
    I wish both you and Tweed speedy recoverys :)

  13. Oh FL, so sorry to read all this. Forget about taking pictures or writing your blog posts, just take good care of yourself now! Even your dogs can survive with less exercise, I’m sure they’d rather have a healthy FL in a little while, than exercise now and an injured FL for a very long time.

    BTW, please make sure you take very proper care of that whiplash, and that you do not end up with a doctor who prescribes mostly rest for it, because as good as it may feel while resting, it’s really not good for the long-term consequences of a whiplash. Sadly enough I know what I’m talking about, and I know several people having severe chronical pain after a minor whiplash years ago and bed rest afterwards.

    So, take care, and hugs for poor Tweed!

  14. I hope everyone starts to feel better soon. Take care

  15. Take care of yourself. You are having a rotten string of luck but it will turn around. Is there anyway you can do a fundraiser for the down payment on a new vehicle for the dogs? I bet all your fans will participate! Think about it and we can all brainstorm for you!

  16. So sorry to hear Tweed’s news. :( Seriously when people above say “Misery loves company” they are right. The “good” news is that you already know what’s wrong with Tweed and you won’t have to be going again through the process of trying to find out like the previous time.

    So take care of yourself and make sure you are completely Ok, you are first than the dogs and Tweed will be happy to wait for his treatment you only need to look at his eyes to know it (I know I have a serious weakness for him and for Dexter). First take care of yourself and tell them to give you hugs, you really need those along with a bucket full of good luck.

    Best wishes, :)

  17. Oh my! Hope you and Tweed both feel better soon!

  18. i really enjoy your writings, your combination of photography and humor. I know it can be hard to keep your chin up, what with careless morons and all. I came around a curve one rainy morning three months ago to find an on-coming in my lane, i know i was doing 55.
    I was very lucky, compound fracture on the lower left tib and fib and stuck in the car for an hour, but nothing else major.
    just started hobbling about with the aid of a big splint and cane last week.
    while i have not been able to herd or learn more agility (newby), i can say it is possible to play flyball from a wheelchair. can’t imagine doing it with a bad back – follow up on getting an attourney. its one of those things you’ll always regret if you don’t.

    hope you guys are feeling better soon.

  19. Hope you and Tweed have speedy and uneventful recoveries. We’ll miss you, but understand you have to take care of yourself.

  20. I second the fundraising idea – what happened to the Paypal button that was on the old Wootube? If all of us who enjoy your blog chipped in….who knows where that could lead? Best wishes to you and my favourite, the wise and quirky Tweed.

  21. Best wishes for your recovery… Hope you find the perfect vehicle!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  22. Ugh. :( Everything does always seem to happen at once, doesn’t it?

    Take care of yourself, the dogs will survive without good exercise for a while. We had a similar car accident late last year and the pups were out of their minds bored, but what can ya do? Fill up a kong, maybe, if you even have the presence of mind for it, but I know my meds made me super fuzzy mentally.

  23. Hope you and Tweed feel better soon! Sending healing doggy kisses :-)

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