Three Years Ago Today

Today marks the passing of my Big Red Dog.  Three years have passed since I lost the border collie that changed my life.  He was not quite 11 years old.  And while my life and heart are full (very full!) of other wonderful, comical, devoted four legged friends, there’s still a space that only Briggs can occupy, and always will.

One of Briggs’ first friends was another Big Red Dog – the original Big Red Dog.  I called him Clifford, but his real name was Kona.  Kona was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who belonged to some friends I met in my very first agility class, and they remain friends today.  Kona was of an age with Briggs and I know Marty and Tracy mourned his passing when he died.  As today I mourn the passing of 14 year old Kona, who left us yesterday for Bigger Waters.

RIP, Clifford.  Now you and Briggs can argue over the big sticks, and rule the Otherworld as only red dogs can.
1/1.  Goodbye, old man...


  1. Evie Douglas says:

    :-( They leave such huge holes in our lives.

  2. I think of Briggs often. I’m glad he’s got a friend with him on the Other Side now.

  3. Dammit. You made me cry.

  4. The Food Lady says:

    I’m sorry! :( But if it’s any consolation, I made me cry too.

  5. three weeks ago for me… and I know that in three years I’ll be searching for words. Thank you for sharing Briggs with us.

  6. Laura in California says:

    As soon as his pic loaded on the page, I started crying here in California too. I read about Briggs as Red Dog from the Border Collie Boards and felt as if I knew him. He went before his time and many people will not forget him. He has his friend at his side and they’re having a great time. Big hugs to you on this anniversary.

  7. RIP, Clifford.

    Also, I must say that is one of the very nicest photographs of Red Dog I’ve ever seen. I like the changes to the blog, especially how some truly memorable photographs appear up in the header if one lingers there a bit, and I wonder if you’d consider adding that photograph of Briggs to the rotation?

    Seriously, I just keep going back to the header to see those photographs one more time. You are one heck of a fine photographer.

  8. Wow, it is amazing what works for timing in the world! hard to believe, it has been three years since your big red dog passed. Going to give the doggies a hug here!!

  9. RIP, Kona. And thinking of you, Food Lady, as you’re remembering Briggs.

  10. :( I can’t believe it’s been 3 years. RIP Kona, may you and Briggs frolic together.

  11. Run free, Kona. Sending good thoughts your way, RDM, as you remember Briggs.

  12. Ruth Hansell says:

    Oh, Sheena, I was thinking we were getting close to anniversary time for Briggs, tearing up thinking about him, and how much good a great dog can do.
    RIP, Briggs and Kona.


  13. That’s so sad… two beautiful red dogs…


  14. Janice in GA says:

    The good dogs never leave our hearts.

  15. Oh, FL….I cried when I saw Briggs’ big red face. It’s never easy to lose them, even when they get older and it’s harder for them to play, to respond, or even to move around. I lost my first BC when she was two–she broke her neck in a freak accident. When my father found her, he tried to resuscitate her, foolish as it may sound. He didn’t cry when his mum passed away, but he cried when we lost Leyla. Like you, I have BCs whose personalities make me smile and fill me with a sense of joy, but no one is going to take her place for me.

    I hope it gives you consolation to know that there are those of us out here in the ether who–in some small part and despite the fact that we never met Briggs–feel the keenness of your loss. So here’s to Briggs, FL, and for reminding me that I’m not insane to love my hounds as much as I do. People like you remind me what treasures we have in bright eyes and spectacular Flamboyance.

  16. Like Laura, I “knew” Briggs from the Boards, and like Laura, I started to cry as soon as the picture loaded.

    RIP Big Red Dogs.

  17. I still think about my first dog, and it’s been 16 years.

    As an aside, I like your new website’s layout.

  18. RIP Briggs and Kona!!!

    Love the new layout FL and I’m glad you finally accepted that you have 5 furbabies now instead of just “three woofs and a woo” =)

  19. Love the new header and layout. Remembering 4-legged buddies … have to go find a kleenex now.

  20. I guess “Three Woofs And A WooTWoo” might have been a bit of a mouthful for a blog name, eh?

    Like everyone else here, I went through some Kleenex after reading this. I had the extreme good fortune to have met Briggs on occasion in real life, and now that Barra’s approaching 14- particularly after her vestibular episode late last year- I am trying my best to just take each day as it comes and cherish what time there is. Furry soulmates like Briggs and Barra will forever occupy a very special place in their owner’s hearts.

  21. mrkittysmom says:

    I just want you to know that I LOVE the new Website set up – VERY professional – I loved the old ones too – but this! This is grand.

  22. My Sam died 5 years ago this June and I miss him every day. Even though all dogs are special, some are just that bit more special than others.

    Love the look of the new site.

  23. 4 weeks ago today my heart dog left me. Thank you for sharing. The hole for me is still to ragged to describe.

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